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Episode 837: Donald Sutherland Is a Sexual Being


A live revelation.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/64647/episode-837-donald-sutherland-is-a-sexual-beingJames is back, and he has a bunch of Muppets to put in order.This week he starts New Business with a look at .hack//GU Last Recode, a remaster/collection of the second set of PS2 .hack JRPGs. It was a bold move to make an anime AND multiple PS2 games about a character that is committed to reminding you how much he sucks. Jon doesn't have a lot to talk about, so instead he talks about the trailer for Thank Goodness You’re Here!This is 12 out of 10 British Content Units (BCU). Greg has finished The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and is now looking forward to upcoming Nintendo Switch Online games Excitebike 64 and another Pokémon Stadium. Gui is exploring an abandoned home as a tiny leader of other tiny critters... no it's not Pikmin, it's Tinykin! He's also trying to unravel the history of a famous actress in Immortality. James wraps back around and talks about the Meow Wolf Convergence Station, an "immersive art" instillation in Denver that transports visitors to a dimensional crossroad and hosts a very expansive AR game.After the break, its time for serious email only. You can be serious here. This week, we talk seriously about Charles Martinet's departure from his role as Mario and what being a "brand ambassador" actually means.

Im glad Gui is playing Immortality. I loved the game when I played it last year.


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