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Safe Words XX: #2 Is #1 - Sign Up Thread

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Having played Safe Words on these forums over the years, one of the key things I've learned is that being second is as good as, or in many cases even better than finishing first. That inspired me to host the game for the first time with a simple theme of celebrating the true heroes in our world, the sidekicks and runners up who make everything possible.

Sign ups are open now, and if we can get enough people I intend to start the game Monday, August 8.

Signed Up So Far:

Mop it up
Luigi Dude

Wowzers! This was totally unexpected but quite welcome. I suppose I can fit in playing a game of Safe Words with the gaming fest I intend to dive into for Backlaugust. Plus, I always want to support anyone who is willing to take on the hosting duties for a Safe Words game. I'm in.

(Although, it feels strange to imagine a scenario now in which I could be the player being eliminated while Insanolord could be the host laughing at my downfall. That dynamic seems wrong. I guess the only thing to do is win a second game in a row and thwart Insanolord that way. ;) )

Signing up!

Insanolord, you are destined to be the second best host ever. After me of course  8). I would be honored to play.

Mop it up:
Oh, did I miss a discussion on this somewhere? I didn't think we had decided who was going to host the next one. I was hoping to see a Khushrenada vs Insanolord rematch as Khushrenada goes for back-to-back wins, but perhaps some other time.

If this is what's happening then you can count me in.


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