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Khushrenada Week Aug. 20 - 26, 2018! Itinerary and Events For Forum Disruption.

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Look out, users of the NWR Forums. Khushrenada is back and ready to disrupt these forums once again!

From Aug. 20 - 26, there will be a relaxing of the forum rules as some are broken altogether during this special event. It's like a version of The Purge for the forums but with less of the murder-y aspect. Yeah, I'm disappointed about that last part also. Maybe next year.  :D

In order to prepare users ahead of time for this disruption instead of being confused by it as it happens like the first Khushrenada Week, I'm taking a moment to try and give everyone a heads up on the forums as to when it is happening and what will be happening (although there'll still be some surprise as I'm not fully detailing everything here.) It's up to you to decide whether you want to be here to participate during it, watch it play out, complain about it or take a week off from the forums. (Although I'd hope that no one is interested in the latter option.  :'( )

What can you expect?

Bump Immunity - You are allowed to bump any old thread you want. This bump immunity is open through the whole week from Aug. 20 - 26. Calm your beating heart, ThePerm. You, too, UncleBob!

Khushrenada’s Forum Conquest – Have you felt like the forums have been kind of slow? Activity and posting seems to be down from years past? Well, look out, bored forum users. I’ll be posting stuff all over the forums that day to try and create activity and discussions and get all your posting creative juices flowing. This will happen on Monday Aug. 26 (although my hope is that the forum shenanigans will also lead to more activity during the week.)

Dupe me once, shame on me. Dupe me twice…. Well, you’re just really good at duping me - Dupe/Joke Accounts no longer have to hide in fear of being banned. They are free to post all over. Users can even create new dupe/accounts for this day. Special contest for Funniest Post / Best Dupe Account / Worst Dupe Account/ Worst Post and any other categories I think of by this time. The contest thread will happen in The Funhouse. That odd subforum between General Chat and NWR Mafia Games. Also, if you need my help in setting up an account, let me know. I was able to do this for Mafia 75 and the special accounts we used without needing a legitimate e-mail address which I'm sure is something all the staff wants to hear.  :-[  The freedom to use these accounts will run the week of Aug. 20-25 with the awards being handed out on Aug. 26.

Untypical Tuesday & Wacky Wednesday - Probably the most popular and confusing event from last year's Khushrenada Week is back! Once again, usernames and identities will be mixed up. Who will you end up with? Only Khushrenada knows. Feel free to post in or out of “character”around the forums. I’ll also have a couple scenarios for people to play act in Funhouse threads. This would be enacted on Tuesday and Wednesday Aug. 21 & 22 as per the name.

Secret Sabotage - The best way to describe this new event is like how a Secret Santa program would work. All the users that want to participate would send me their names ahead of time before this begins and then I'd arrange who each person is going to gift. Except in this case, the gift may not be something the person receiving it would want. Hmm. Actually, I guess it is exactly how a Secret Santa program would work. To be a part of this event, either sign up below in this Khushrenada Week thread or the one in General Chat or send me a PM or contact me on Discord even. It's that easy! This would occur be on Thursday Aug. 24 with a possible carryover into Friday Aug. 25 if users are finding it funny and want to have more time with it.

Khushrenada Breaks the Forums! – You maniacs! You finally did it! You gave Khushrenada mod powers and thought everything would be hunky-dory?!?! We all knew this day was coming. The ticking time bomb and centerpiece of this year's Khushrenada Week will be happening Friday and Saturday aka Aug. 25 & 26. Ir will be terrible and confusing and you'll just have to wait and see.

You vs 2Khush 2renada : The Revenge! Gold Edition - Talking with Insanolord, we would like to see if we can't get more Community match-making and online play happening. To try and kickstart that possibility, I'm bringing another event that I think is worth trying out a second time and that is having NWR Forum users play me online in various Nintendo games. I'll be trying to keep my schedule as open as possible over the weekend instead of just one day like last year so that hopefully more will be willing to take advantage of the opportunity to face me in more than just forum games. There will be a thread created in the Matchmaking Forums to allow users to sign-up and book a time if interested. Also, it doesn't have to be a competitive game. If you want to visit my town in New Leaf, for instance, we could do that too. Event is happening Saturday and Sunday Aug 25 & 26.

Discord AMA – Moving from the forums, I’ll try and incorporate the Discord branch of the community into this madness in which people can live chat and ask me whatever for awhile. Just part of the winding down at the end of Khushrenada Week and the disruption created by it so it will happen on Sunday Aug. 26.

And who knows. There might be another surprise in store not yet revealed. But first:


Yes, there will be a relaxing of forum rules during this event except for two places. The Talkback and Podcast Discussion Forums are off-limits and safe havens from the Khushrenada Week shenanigans. No bumping threads, no dupe/joke account postings, no intentional forum breakage will be occurring there during the week. Please don't disrupt those forums and force me to ban you for the week thus missing out on the event. I know, I know. I'm disappointed too. I'm know there's probably a lot of great threads we'd like to see bumped in Talkback and reply to but you'll just have to link and discuss them somewhere else. Maybe next year, right? Gotta find some way to keep this event fresh. But the important thing to remember and take away is that you don't mess with Talkback or Podcast and we can still have our fun throughout the rest of the forums.

So, there you have it. You have 11 days to prepare thy bodies for the coming Forum tragedy. Your Funhouse God(s) can't save you now. Unlike The Moon in Majora's Mask, Khushrenada can't be stopped!  :cool; 

Truthfully, I hope all of the users on this forum will take the opportunity to let loose a bit and do their part to add to some of the madness and memories we have the potential to create. The forums are always at their best when people take the time to participate in discussions, games or events like this rather than sit on the sidelines or watch from afar. It's my wish that this will be a bit of a reward for all of you who continue to be a part of this community and keep up the desire to still participate with it and that everyone will be able to find some amusement and fun during it.

I took the liberty of setting up my alt ahead of time. :smug:

Yes, I've seen the name already and sent it a PM.

How many posts is it to set a profile picture? I have a good one for what I have planned.

I'm looking forward to this. Will there be any topics of interest to me? Nintendo games? DC Comics? Barbecued Meats? 80s movies?

And the question we've all been wondering... Will Khushrenada buy a Switch?


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