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The FaceBall 2000 16 years later thread...

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If Baby isn't acting up and my Wife's ok I can come.  I'll  bring my Cube and MK: DD (I have a network adapter) plus I can bring a GBA for Four Swords or FF:CC.  Though I can't find my memory cards...  Also have Karoake revolution and DDR Mario Mix...

Anybody have Battle Bulls?

I'd like to go, but the timing isn't right, if by some miracle I can fly out, I will let you know.

If my Canadian friend manages to come, he'll have two more GameCubes, two more BBAs and two more copies of Mario Kart: Double Dash, giving us four.

Ceric - you're not thinking right - you don't use GBAs for Four Swords - you use GameCubes + Game Boy Players + TVs.  Something we could probably do.

ShyGuy - all are welcome.

Sounds like fun, but I won't be able to make it. Hope it works out!

Awww... this plan failed... I tried to get free stuff from Nintendo to give out as prizes...

Although we appreciate your interest in our products, we are unable to offer free items to our Nintendo fans.  For the latest news on upcoming products, be sure to check our website at
--- End quote ---

No prizes, it seems.


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