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Nintendo Announces "OLED Model" Switch For October 8 Launch

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Bigger screen, same shell... and is that a LAN PORT?http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/57757/nintendo-announces-oled-model-switch-for-october-8-launchThe long-rumored Switch with larger screen has finally been revealed.Nintendo have announced a "Switch (OLED model)" for release on October 8 at a MSRP of US$349.99/C$449.99. It will launch in two combinations: a white dock / Joy-Con model, and a black dock / red and blue Joy-Con model.Aside from the new screen tech, the Switch OLED will have a 7" handheld screen, 64GB onboard storage, a wider portable mode kickstand, enhanced portable speakers, and the dock will have a LAN port for online play.

They are fucking with us. Is the joycon drift fixed at least? Is the oled screen 1080?

Ok, but when are they announcing the New Nintendo Switch Pro SP?

Not at all a product for me, but I dig the white and black aesthetic.

Perfect. Well, if it were also fanless, this would be perfect. I didn’t want some base-splitting New Nintendo 3DS moment again. This looks like Nintendo is holding off on the Switch 2 for a few more years. Just the news I was hoping to hear. I’m buying this Day 1 btw.


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