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Blast Brigade Suiting Up On Switch Later This Year


An American, a Russian, and a Scot walk into an island...http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/57069/blast-brigade-suiting-up-on-switch-later-this-yearThe run and gun platformer is going to be adding a dash of exploration later this year.Russian publisher My.Games have announced a Switch release for their upcoming action platformer Blast Brigade, due later this year for US$19.99 or equivalent. Developed by an internal studio called Allods Team Arcade, the goal is to combine the run-and-gun gameplay of a Contra with deep exploration.Players will be able to swap between four international characters: an American (armed with a grenade launcher), a Russian (a grappling hook), a Scot (who is also a cyborg), and a resident of an unnamed island paradise with ancient technology.


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