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Title: Smashterpieces Podcast Episode 26: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Post by: Grimace the Minace on June 15, 2020, 04:18:53 PM

Can Hyrule's destiny really depend on such a lazy boy?

We’ve finally arrived, riding into Hyrule Castle with naught but a fairy at our side and an ocarina in our pocket. We’ve got a job to do. Presented by Anonymous Dinosaur and Nintendo World Report, this is Smashterpieces - a casual walk through the history of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster. On this show, hosts Joe DeVader and Matt Zawodniak are playing one game for every fighter in the newest Super Smash Bros. game, from 1984's Duck Hunt to 2019's Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Each game will be live-streamed by both of us, and then we'll convene to talk about it on the podcast.

It’s time for Smashterpiece #26, one of the most famously influential games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time! This time we’re joined by Sol, the designer of our lovely logo, to talk about the game that wrote the book on how to make a 3D action adventure game. What are some of the most interesting things that can be learned from taking a closer look at this game? What are our favorite and least favorite dungeons to traverse? How was our experience going through a randomized version of the game after the fact? All this and more in today’s episode!

Join us next time for a special episode where we discuss the first reason for the season (or in this case podcast): Super Smash Bros!

You can find previous episodes at Anonymous Dinosaur's website!

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You can watch Matt stream here!

Title: Re: Smashterpieces Podcast Episode 26: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Post by: Morningshark on September 27, 2021, 11:36:53 AM
I played the demo of this game several times growing up on Brawl's archive menu, and I also briefly had the Zelda Collector's Edition disk when I got my GameCube. I remember really liking Kokiri forest, and having a lot of fun exploring. For some reason though, I never was able to progress in the early part of the Great Deku Tree. It was the first room where you have to repel a Deku Scrub's nut back at it using your shield, and I just did not understand that when I was 6. So I am very nostalgic for the opening of the game, but everything else I didn't end up getting to until the 3DS remaster. And I remember liking the game in high school, but trying to replay it in college and really hating it. One of those weird things I have gone back and forth on, but I think I have settled on loving the scope it goes for, it's importance in crafting 3D adventures, it's bomb sound track, and understanding that it's a product of it's time. And yes... do indeed slip.