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Shocktober 2021: Just in time for Metroid Dread.

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I wasn't planning on doing this again since there didn't seem to be much interest last year but I've been proven wrong apparently so here we go.

When does this start?

Shocktober begins right now, and will last the entire month of October, ending after Halloween night.

What should I play?

Anything that falls under the classification of a horror game. Survival horror, action horror, a horror-themed FPS, anything with zombies, etc. In the interest of having fun, this can be more of a loose definition of what defines a horror game, and constitute anything that is more-or-less "horror themed". If you're not sure, just check out the previous years' threads which I've linked you'll notice, a wide range of games are accepted.

For me, it's very much the same outlook as Backlaugust -- I've got horror games in my backlog, and it's time to play them. How many games you want to play is up to you, whether that's just one game or a few games. Any platform, doesn't matter. They can be new games, old games. Even horror games you've already beaten long ago and want to replay. You don't have to choose all of your games up front; you can if you want, but it's fine to just take it one-game-at-a-time.

Who should participate?

If you:

a. Enjoy horror games
b. Have at least one horror game in your backlog
c. Plan on buying a new horror game

you should do this!

The purpose of this is a little less about seeing how many games we can beat, but for everyone to share in the experience of playing something scary. A good horror game can be a tough thing to get all of the way through to the end, but with some moral support from the rest of the community that's going through the same thing, maybe we can all make it back into the light by November! That's what it comes down to -- having fun, and being scared shitless. And being scared shitless is a lot more fun when being scared shitless as a group.

One last thing -- for your fellow NWR-er who hasn't played every game, try using spoiler tags whenever possible for anything major that's story-related, or just in general anything that should not be spoiled.

Examples of games that count as Horror:

Anything remotely spooky, scary, or Halloweeny. You getting Metroid Dread? That counts. You planning to play through Luigi's Mansion 3? You sucked yourself right into a game that counts for Shocktober. Are you literally just planning to do the Halloween event in Animal Crossing? Come on in.

I am getting Metroid Dread shortly after release and I am also thinking of playing The Mummy Demastered as it seems on the shorter side and has been in my backlog for while. I am already playing Fallout 4, but I don't know if that is on brand enough to qualify. That should be enough to keep me busy for this month.

Thanks for hosting this again Pokepal, and Happy Shocktober everyone!

I’ll be playing Dread and the Castlevania Advance Collection. Maybe if I’m really feeling ambitious I’ll go back and try to finish Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Mop it up:
I've gotten started on Costume Quest. For some reason I thought it was some kind of beat 'em up, but evidently it's an RPG! It seems like a decent enough game so far, a little exploration, some side stuff to find, though combat is pretty simple. Having action commands like the Mario RPGs is dangerous to have on Xbox, since I have to actively try and remember that the buttons in the prompts are switched around from Nintendo's controllers. There's some decent humorous writing though the tiny, stylized text in speech bubbles can be a bit difficult to read at times. I have a feeling that everything is just in the imaginations of the kids and the "monsters" are actually teenagers! They sure act like them at least.

I'll be playing Metroid Dread & the Alan Wake Remaster, but I think those are the only Halloween-ish games for me this month unless I decide to pick up House of Ashes.


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