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Lindemann Syndrome Anonymous (LSA): The Backlog Thread.

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when i purchased animal crossing i also picked up a few other things such as cave story and  the oracle games.
i have barely touched any of them
additionally i still have some ambassador games left to complete....

the 3DS is turning into my downloadable backlog and that frightens me.

its nowhere near substantial enough to cause me to create a backloggery but still...


You know I think we have a thread for this already...  It might be to old now.

I searched but I couldn't find it...

I can never find anything with that search.  In fact the only one I know that really could was Vudu and I think he cheated with Google somehow.  I'm not counting Megabyte because he has Database access.  If I had that it be a whole different story.

Did you really have to start this up less than three weeks from the next Steam sale?

Steam calculator's got me at $2,500.

Games owned: 200
Games not played: 143

Do I win? I think I won.


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