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What is your most recent gaming purchase?

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Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Works and it is what I'm currently playing as well. (Although I'm still debating adding a game or two during this current eShop sale.)

There's a lot I could say about XC1 since it is my first time playing it but I guess this isn't the thread for play discussion. Maybe I should bump the old XC1 thread from Nintendo gaming. What I will say is that so far I'm very happy with the purchase aside from the fact that I wish it came with a CD (or vinyl like Europe) soundtrack. I think every Special Edition should include that. XC2 had it. FE: Three Houses, Warriors and Samus Returns 3D had it. It puts the special in Special Edition. My one regret now is that I don't have an XCX Special Edition to complete the collection. (Although if XCX gets ported to Switch then there might be a Special Edition for it in which case I would have a complete XC Special Edition Switch Collection. :rolleyes: 8) )

Super Mario Maker 2 was delivered today. It was on sale for $39.99 on Amazon so I decided to snag it this time.

Since I bought Super Mario Maker 2, I signed up for a year of Nintendo Switch Online since the main reason I bought it was to play other people’s stages. I also bought the Super Nintendo controllers for Nintendo Switch since they were in stock and you need a NSO membership to buy them.

I also managed to get Ring Fit Adventure shipped and sold by Amazon for MSRP. Originally, I wasn’t interested in this game at all. However, I heard we’re not returning to the office until next year. I started running (which I thoroughly dislike) and have been doing 100 push-ups a day since April. It hasn’t been enough. I hurt my back “playing basketball” (recklessly tossing a basketball at a rim) on Saturday. I feel like this is due to loss of core strength since I haven’t been able to go a gym since March. I have no intention of immediately returning when they reopen due to the frighteningly large amount of people unwilling to wear masks in public. I don’t want to be in an enclosed space with people if I can help it. That said, I’m looking for ways to be active. Ring Fit Adventure is apparently great for that.

I recently got a copy of Ring Fit, maybe 3 weeks ago.  It's a surprisingly good workout!  That said, the first few days of starting up the game can be annoying, but they eventually give you the option of not having them ask as many questions.  I also have trouble with exercises that rely solely on the leg strap for some reason.  But other than that, the game is pretty great, especially as you get into it more and more.

Welp, I went and did it. I got myself the Switch Animal Crossing Special Edition. I always had a feeling Nintendo would do a restock of it. I remember when the Let's Go Pokemon edition came out. I would see it come back into stock a couple times after it initially released. The Animal Crossing one just came out a bad time when Covid was shutting down the world which I think prevented a restock from happening sooner with so much retail being shutdown and shopping reduced. Perhaps also the huge success of New Horizons further emphasized to Nintendo a demand for this particular edition since it seems there is a lot of stock for this version now.

I saw a bunch of people trying to scalp the console from $600 - $1000 dollars back in March and April. Hopefully no one actually bought a console at those prices but who knows. People aren't always smart with money. I was content to wait and see if more came in stock down the road and if not then I still had a perfectly good console that I was still happy with. Good things come to those who wait. I remember there was one local ad of someone selling the console at $900 and the ad was so defensive like "quit tying to lowball me I know what this thing is worth" and "it's expensive because it's rare that's what special editions are". Actually, while typing this, I got curious and I see there are some people still trying to hawk this special edition but now the prices are just $50 - $150 above retail. Wonder if any of them are Mr. $900.

I'm also hoping that with this being a new and fresh console then perhaps Nintendo's done something about Joy-Con drift at this point. Haven't really been following that in awhile. Has there been many complaints with newer controllers versus the early year ones with drift? It's not a big deal since I'm mostly playing with the Pro Controller but some games require the Joy-Con's like Super Mario Party.

Joycon drift is alive and still messing up our enjoyment of a good system. Nintendo is behaving quite poorly in this matter. They put in an argument against the class action lawsuit claiming the drift did not impact peoples ability to play and was not a negative experience.


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