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Title: Episode 289: Super Metroid
Post by: NWR_DrewMG on September 10, 2021, 12:34:18 PM

Part 3 of the Metroid Game Club

We're back with another Metroid Game Club discussion, but this time we're up against the legendary Super Metroid. Our cast ranges from having first played Super Metroid around when it came out, all the way up to 2019. So join us as we debate the modern value of this Super Nintendo classic.

Title: Re: Episode 289: Super Metroid
Post by: azeke on November 23, 2021, 02:07:54 AM
Man, these were some hot takes about Super Metroid!

But if anything this proves even more how deep the game is because players end up having such different journeys while playing it.

Hearing recommendation for Super Metroid Redux ( as the better choice for new players because it improves controls and such, i decided to check it out and i don't know about that.

Especially because you spent almost an hour talking how Super Metroid doesn't have enough tutorials (a completely insane argument i must add) while Redux removes those little tutorials original SM showed to player when unlocking rockets and bombs.

Controls are somewhat improved, but you still switch between rockets/grappling beam/regular shot, so you get both GBA-style shoulder button clutching while still having to frantically switch mid battle.