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Mafia LXXXVII: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town Sign-up Thread.

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There's a nice rules and roles thread right here. IDK what you're complaining about.

Oh, I'm going to regret posting that, aren't I? I said, we'll see. It wasn't a guarantee. Thank goodness for caveats. I'm just going to buy the rules from JoJa Mart so get a copy from them.  ;)

I'm in.

In and hopefully life issues don't get in the way of playing.

Mop it up:
Already so soon? I guess I need to sign up to give everyone a bandwagon target for day one.

I'm not very familiar with Harvest Moon, having played mainly the N64 game, and sampled a bit of Tree of Tranquility on the Wii. Anyone have a character recommendation, possibly someone crazy...?


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