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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion. Day 3 - The Library

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Nobody knows.

So no mafia hit?

They purr-obably decided to get some intel with a recon run before they decided to go back to ghosting us.

IDK if we can get some host confurmation there though.

So Townies are just letting ourselves die out slowly. We need to change this.

Bummer, I like how MASB always puuuUUUuuuts in efforts to create a character.

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on October 11, 2021, 12:40:12 AM ---MASB had the Ice Elemental Medal adding that to Luigi's arsenal.

--- End quote ---

Finally reading up on the ruuuUUUuuules and this stood out to meeeEEEeeeheeEEeeheeEEEeee

--- Quote from: Khushrenada ---Ice Elemental Medal - With this ability, a killer can nullify someone's role for the day. The player who is targeted will be informed that they've been "frozen" and cannot perform their action that day. However, this player can still vote in the day thread. It is only their role ability that has been frozen. If the current Godfather is frozen then they cannot send out the squad on a recon mission nor make a hit.
--- End quote ---


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