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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion. Day 3 - The Library

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--- Quote from: pokepal148 on October 11, 2021, 02:07:41 PM ---They purr-obably decided to get some intel with a recon run before they decided to go back to ghosting us.

IDK if we can get some host confurmation there though.

--- End quote ---

Humble request for future games, maybe put in the day post that the mafia did a recon mission? It's not that the rules are confusing, it's that they're long, and I forget them and I also don't read them them all

Quote from Nickmitch up top of Page 2.

--- Quote ---I don't know what's really going on in the Townie alliance, if there is one, but I think there's a traitor in their ranks.
--- End quote ---

If there is one then it is either really small or just disjointed from each other. That is my guess on things.

Haven't read anything, just skimmed the deaths and the votes.

For me the confusing thing is how Luigi targeted the person who was losing the vote to die. How did they know the vote would be manipulated? Have I got this right?

Anyway vote pokepal148 for starting a bandwagon.


--- Quote from: BeautifulShy on October 11, 2021, 01:27:49 AM ---Not really what I was expecting but it makes sense in retrospect.

Going to look at votes and see what comes up.

--- End quote ---

Looking at the votes this is what we have.

Day 1- No Vote- The Perm( Googi- Killer), Nickmitch, Rabicle, Order. RSS aka Steffasaurus, Pokepal148, BeautifulShy

Pokepal 148- stevey, TOPHATANT123

Mop it up- LuigiDude, Stratos

Mop it up- Stratos

ShyGuy- lolmonade

No one died in the vote.  King Boo killed The Perm. Luigi killed Insanolord.

Day 2 votes.

TOPHATANT123 voted for MASB
BeautifulShy voted for Mr. Bungle
Mop it up voted for Nickmitch then unvoted later to MASB
Pokepal voted for MASB
Order. RSS voted for lolmonade
Crimm no voted
Luigi Dude voted for Nickmitch but read the rules and changed to MASB
Nickmitch no votes
MASB no votes
Mr. Bungle voted for stevey

MASB was a town/ghost with the ice Elemental medal.

Only patterns I am seeing is that in the No votes and MASB votes is this.

Nickmitch once again no votes two days in a row.
Pokepal was on the leading vote bandwagon for both days

Day 3 so far...

Shyguy voted for Pokepal
Pokepal148 voted for lolmonade
TOPHATANT voted for stevey
Mr.Bungle voted for lolmonade
ORDER.RSS voted for lolmonade
Mop it up voted for Luigi Dude
Nickmitch voted for pokepal but then unvoted. Changed vote to Luigi Dude
LuigiDude voted for lolmonade

Looking at the current votes and all three days it shows that Pokepal148, ORDER.RSS voted no vote together and are doing voting together again with lolmonade.  Pokepal and Mr. Bungle on Day 1 and 2 voted for stevey. 

I am leading towards voting for pokepal148 today.

Vote pokepal148

The other thing interesting is the lolmonade votes shortly after the pokepal votes. Looking at ORDER.RSS, Mr. Bungle and Luigi Dude. 

This flip of pokepal should either save some of the lolmonade votes or put more pressure on them.


--- Quote from: Luigi Dude on October 12, 2021, 09:22:37 PM ---
--- Quote from: pokepal148 on October 12, 2021, 08:59:59 PM ---Yeah, I trust Mop's judgement alot more than I do my own right now.

vote Luigi-dude

--- End quote ---

I changed my nickmitch vote after you explained the rules better and then I voted for MASB because you made the best case.  I could vote against you right now to save myself but I'm pretty sure your a fellow townie so I wont.

Vote Lolmonade

They only voted on the first day and haven't appeared since.  As Order.RSS has already said, that's pretty suspicious if you ask me.

--- End quote ---

Can you explain why the inactivity is suspicious?  I think we concluded that the mafia did a recon mission last night?


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