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Mafia XXX: Winter HAWTNESS Pageant! End game and post game discussion

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Congrats did play a great game.  One of the best killers this game has ever seen.  If the game had continued you would have gone far...perhaps being the first killer to win a mafia the traditional it is you are the first Killer to take the MVP award...and you deserve it for you play.

*bows, bows, reverse for a pantie shot*

Thanks guys.

If I hadn't kidnapped vudu, it could have been a very interesting last few days... At least for me.

DAaaman64...yeah it could have been very different.  This is one of those Mafia's that could have easily gone very, very differently.  I think it is odd, because coming into the mafia I wondered if it would be balanced...and for the most part it was, but I dunno if that was coincidentally balanced because of the decisions the mafia made or if it was really balanced.

If Vudu had not been kidnapped, I would of still known he was mafia...but that might not have been enough.  But, that would have actually been a better situation for Easycure.


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