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Mafia XXX: Winter HAWTNESS Pageant! End game and post game discussion

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Easycure ranked up votes and noise bleeds with her flashing! Oppositely, Spak spang scar and terrified the audience by lifting up his skirt and to everyone horror, relieved that he was a Cross dressing male Rescue Raptor! As such he was disqualified to compete and cast a leaving vote for easycure and thus breaking the tie between Easycure and the whore out Maxi!

Easycure is the new Ms. Hawtness 2009

Winner of Ms Hawtness 2009

EasyCure-Bad Girl with a gun!

Runners up

TheFleece-Shinobu : townie
NuclearSpeed : townie
Maxi - Taki :Twice kidnapped : Pageant inspector
Pale: being raped Raped townie!


nickmitch- ZSS : arrowed to death : Godmother Judge
Gylldas-Ivy:Died in the shower: Pimp #1
Stogi : Hench-girl #2 and the new godmother: Shot to death
RABicle-Mai Shiranui: Dead :Prankster
insanolord-cheerleader:Townie: eaten to death
oohhboy-Lacus: seducer: Gone mad with power
Dasmos - Birdo: pimp #2
Khushrenada-Khushrenada:The (Corrupt) pageant official : kidnapped and starved to death
DAaaMan64: Godmother #3 :Shot to death
Plugabugz: townie: shot dead
vudu-baby Peach: pimp of pimps:pedonapped: voted

Biggest loser

Spak-Spang-un-sexy male cross dressing Rescue Raptor...: Twice kidnapped: rapist, who owes millions in child support to TheNorthSea

Biggest wins

TheNorthSea-Cynthia: townie : winner of millions in child support
TheNorthSea-Cynthia jr: townie : ran off with bill to happy land

And without bill paying me to take away his title of biggest forum pervert, this shall be my last Hawtness thread.

Congratulations EasyCure you played a great game.
Great game everybody.

Very awesome. I hope Bill can manage with TheNorthSea Jr- that's hilarious! And Stevey adds to "The Last Time" theme running through the site- it's been hectic around here for sure.

By the look of things Fleece you got 2nd place.Not bad.

Ya know how few mafia games I'm actually alive at the end for?  I'm amazed.


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