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Title: New Pokemon, Rivals Revealed For Pokemon Sword And Shield
Post by: Shaymin on August 07, 2019, 02:21:00 AM

...are the evil team really just fanboys and fangirls?

The latest trailer for Pokémon Sword and Shield has revealed new Pokémon and the evil group that will be dogging your adventure in the Galar region.


Some existing Pokémon will have Galar-specific forms, similar to the Alolan forms of the Sun and Moon games. A Galarian Weezing was shown, with giant smokestacks emerging from it, and a Poison/Fairy typing with the traditional Levitate ability.

The Zigzagoon line is Normal/Dark typed in Galar, and with it comes a new evolution: Obstagoon. Obstagoon's typing and abilities remain the same.

The sole new Pokémon is the form-changing Electric/Dark Pokémon Morpeko. Its trademark move Aura Wheel is Electric-typed in "Full Belly Mode", while becoming Dark typed in "Hangry Mode".

New Characters

Two rivals were introduced: Bede, whose first shown Pokémon is Solosis, and Marnie, whose ace is not known. Marnie has a horde of fans who represent the game's evil team, Team Yell.

Pokémon Jobs

Although not shown in the trailer, the Galar region has Poké Jobs. Pokémon can be sent from the box to help out around the region, gaining experience and effort value points along the way.