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TalkBack / RE:Nintendo Reveals Pokémon Fire/Leaf Pre-Order Bonus
« on: July 30, 2004, 09:44:03 AM »

Originally posted by: KDR_11k
Antti: The exact price is regional, most of the world (that includes most european countries) pays around 50 USD for GBA games, though. In both Germany and France GBA games go for 40-45 Euros and Gamecube games go for 55-60 Euros. Maybe where you live the prices are higher (from what I heard about the northern countries, they are). For some reason the "out of the way" countries (North European countries, New Zealand, South American countries, etc) are more expensive in regards to games, might be related to logistics or something. Cheaper countries don't get them cheaper, though, in the Czech Republic games cost the same as in Germany...

Yes, you are propably right, but I think that logistics is not very good explanation for that extra 30$ because I can order a game for example from America and get it with very small shipping cost, sometimes even without any. I think that shipping single games is propably way more expensive than shipping many games at a time.

The real reason is propably that North America is much larger and more important market, so all the three companies are fighting harder for market share there and it keeps the prices lower.

USA is also one big market, not a bunch of smaller separate markets that all need own importers, marketing and language translations. In Finland only very few games are translates into finnish though, and those are mostly ment for smaller children. Manuals are translated more often.

Third reason, and quite a big one, is of course the fast dropping of dollars value.

TalkBack / RE:Nintendo Reveals Pokémon Fire/Leaf Pre-Order Bonus
« on: July 30, 2004, 03:07:49 AM »
Why do you americans have to always complain about the prices of games? Don't you really understand how cheap you get them? The Japanese have to pay way more than you, but that's nothing compared to Europe. You propably don't know that  standard GBA games cost about 55-60 Euros in here, and if you don't know, as you propably don't, that's about 70 $. And you start crying when you get a game with added accessories for 40 $.

And that 4800 Yen is about 44 $ BTW.

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