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New Pokémon Snap Photodex Checklist
« on: May 11, 2021, 03:43:06 PM »

A Photographer's Guide to the Lental Region

After over two decades of waiting, Pokémon fans around the world have been graced with a new Pokémon Snap game. To help you catalog all the available Pokémon in the Lental Region, we have created a handy checklist for you to keep track of which Pokémon you have captured and which ones you still need to take pictures of. Be warned, however, as the checklist contains major spoilers for New Pokémon Snap!

Click here to open the checklist and get tracking, just be sure you save a copy so that you can edit it yourself!

You can also find the whole list below.

Were you able to track down all 200+ Pokémon? Which encounter was your favorite? Let us know in the talkback below!

Photodex NumberPokemon NameLocationsNotes
1VivillonAll CoursesComes in different patterns across each course
2PichuFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
3GrookeyFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
4ScorbunnyFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night), Sweltering Sands (Day) 
5BouffalantFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
6PidgeotFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
7TangrowthFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
8EmolgaFlorio Nature Park (Day/Illumina Spot) 
9WurmpleFlorio Nature Park (Day) 
10MurkrowFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
11CaterpieFlorio Nature Park (Night) 
12HeracrossFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
13PinsirFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night), Sweltering Sands (Day) 
14DodrioFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
15DucklettFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
16SwannaFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
17BidoofFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night) 
18TaillowFlorio Nature Park (Day) 
19TorterraFlorio Nature Park (Night) 
20MagikarpAll Course Except for Research Camp 
21HoothootFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night/Illumina Spot) 
22ComfeyFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night/Illumina Spot) 
23FlorgesFlorio Nature Park (Day) 
24CombeeFlorio Nature Park (Night/Illumina Spot) 
25VespiquenFlorio Nature Park (Night) 
26SylveonFlorio Nature Park (Night/Illumina Spot) 
27ShayminFlorio Nature Park (Day/Night/Illumina Spot)Post-Game Mythical
28MeganiumFlorio Nature Park (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokemon
29EeveeFlorio Nature Park (Illumina Spot), Research Camp 
30PikachuFlorio Nature Park (Illumina Spot), Research Camp, Blushing Beach (Day/Night), Maricopia Reef (Day) 
31CutieflyResearch Camp 
32BunnelbyResearch Camp 
33StoutlandResearch Camp 
34StarlyResearch Camp 
35MeowthResearch Camp 
36AudinoResearch Camp 
37RattataResearch Camp 
38TrubbishResearch Camp 
39SudowoodoResearch Camp 
40DedenneResearch Camp 
41AipomFounja Jungle (Day) 
42BounsweetFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
43MetapodFounja Jungle (Day) 
44BeautiflyFounja Jungle (Day) 
45ArbokFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
46YanmegaFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
47PikipekFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
48ToucannonFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
49AriadosFounja Jungle (Night) 
50MorelullFounja Jungle (Night) 
51SlakingFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
52VenusaurFounja Jungle (Day) 
53LiepardFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
54WooperFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
55QuagsireFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
56SwampertFounja Jungle (Night) 
57LedianFounja Jungle (Night) 
58SobbleFounja Jungle (Day) 
59LeafeonFounja Jungle (Day/Night) 
60MewFounja Jungle (Day/Night)Post-Game Mythical
61TrevenantElsewhere Forest (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
62EspurrElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
63ShiftryElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
64KecleonElsewhere Forest (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
65DeerlingElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
66SawsbuckElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
67UnfezantElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
68DrampaElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
69PanchamElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
70BulbasaurElsewhere Forest (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
71SerperiorElsewhere Forest (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
72ApplinElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
73BewearElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
74GardevoirElsewhere Forest (Standard) 
75NinetalesElsewhere Forest (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
76LotadElsewhere Forest (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
77EspeonElsewhere Forest (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
78CelebiElsewhere Forest (Standard)Post-Game Mythical
79MiloticElsewhere Forest (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokemon
80WingullBlushing Beach (Day), Maricopia Reef (Day/Evening) 
81ExeggutorBlushing Beach (Day/Night) 
82CrabrawlerBlushing Beach (Day) 
83DrifblimBlushing Beach (Night), Maricopia Reef (Evening) 
84ZangooseBlushing Beach (Night) 
85ServiperBlushing Beach (Night) 
86BellossomBlushing Beach (Day/Night) 
87InkayBlushing Beach (Night), Lental Seafloor (Undersea), Maricopia Reef (Evening) 
88PyukumukuBlushing Beach (Day/Night), Maricopia Reef (Day), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
89MachampBlushing Beach (Day), Maricopia Reef (Day) 
90StunfiskBlushing Beach (Day) 
91OctilleryBlushing Beach (Day/Night), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
92CorsolaBlushing Beach (Day/Night), Maricopia Reef (Day), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
93FinneonBlushing Beach (Day/Night), Maricopia Reef (Day), Lental Seafloor (Undersea/Illumina Spot) 
94ClamperlBlushing Beach (Night), Maricopia Reef (Day), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
95PrimarinaBlushing Beach (Night), Maricopia Reef (Evening) 
96RaichuBlushing Beach (Day/Night), Maricopia Reef (Evening) 
97SandygastBlushing Beach (Night) 
98SharpedoLental Seafloor (Undersea), Maricopia Reef (Day) 
99SquirtleBlushing Beach (Day), Lental Seafloor (Undersea), Maricopia Reef (Day/Evening) 
100BlastoiseBlushing Beach (Day), Maricopia Reef (Evening) 
101LaprasBlushing Beach (Day), Maricopia Reef (Day/Evening), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
102MantineMaricopia Reef (Day/Evening), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
103PelipperMaricopia Reef (Day), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
104WailordMaricopia Reef (Day/Evening), Lental Seafloor (Undersea/Illumina Spot) 
105MareanieBlushing Beach (Night), Maricopia Reef (Day/Evening) 
106VaporeonMaricopia Reef (Evening) 
107ManaphyMaricopia Reef (Evening)Post-Game Mythical
108LuvdiscLental Seafloor (Undersea/Illumina Spot) 
109AlomomolaLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
110WailmerMaricopia Reef (Day), Lental Seafloor (Undersea) 
111CradilyLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
112LumineonLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
113QwilfishLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
114ClawitzerLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
115TentacruelLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
116ChinchouLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
117LanturnLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
118StarmieLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
119FrillishLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
120GolisopodLental Seafloor (Undersea) 
121LugiaLental Seafloor (Undersea)Post-Game Legendary
122WishiwashiLental Seafloor (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokemon
123SkorupiSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
124CacneaSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
125SandshrewSweltering Sands (Night) 
126TrapinchSweltering Sands (Night) 
127FlygonSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
128KangaskhanSweltering Sands (Night) 
129MandibuzzSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
130MiniorSweltering Sands (Night) 
131SilicobraSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
132TorchicSweltering Sands (Day) 
133HelioliskSweltering Sands (Day) 
134LycanrocSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
135HippowdonSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
136TyranitarSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
137OnixSweltering Sands (Day/Night) 
138AltariaFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
139ShinxFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
140LuxrayFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
141TalonflameFireflow Volcano (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
142MonfernoFireflow Volcano (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
143AerodactylFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
144TyrantrumFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
145GravelerFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
146ArcheopsFireflow Volcano (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
147SlugmaFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
148TorkoalFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
149CharmanderFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
150CharizardFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
151TyphlosionFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
152FlareonFireflow Volcano (Standard) 
153Ho-ohFireflow Volcano (Standard)Post Game Legendary
154VolcaronaFireflow Volcano (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokemon
155FurretShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
156CubchooShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
157BearticShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
158MightyenaShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
159WeavileShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
160BraviaryShiver Snowfields (Night) 
161SwinubShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
162MamoswineShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
163SkarmoryShiver Snowfields (Day) 
164SandslashShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
165AbomasnowShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
166VulpixShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
167DelibirdShiver Snowfields (Night) 
168SnomShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
169FrosmothShiver Snowfields (Night) 
170CrabominableShiver Snowfields (Night) 
171SnoruntShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
172GlalieShiver Snowfields (Day) 
173FroslassShiver Snowfields (Day) 
174JynxShiver Snowfields (Night) 
175SphealShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
176PiplupShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
177VanilluxeShiver Snowfields (Night) 
178AvaluggShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
179DewgongShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
180AurorusShiver Snowfields (Night) 
181GlaceonShiver Snowfields (Day/Night) 
182SuicuneShiver Snowfields (Night)Post-Game Legendary
183CrobatOutaway Cave (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
184JoltikOutaway Cave (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
185GeodudeOutaway Cave (Standard) 
186CarbinkOutaway Cave (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
187GengarOutaway Cave (Standard) 
188NoibatOutaway Cave (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
189PumpkabooOutaway Cave (Standard) 
190CroagunkOutaway Cave (Standard) 
191DrifloonOutaway Cave (Standard) 
192ClefairyOutaway Cave (Standard) 
193SableyeOutaway Cave (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
194RampardosOutaway Cave (Standard) 
195HydreigonOutaway Cave (Standard) 
196GoodraOutaway Cave (Standard) 
197MawileOutaway Cave (Standard) 
198JolteonOutaway Cave (Standard) 
199DiancieOutaway Cave (Standard)Post-Game Mythical
200SteelixOutaway Cave (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokemon
201HoundoomRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
202EldegossRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
203NatuRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
204AbsolRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
205SalanditRuins of Rememberance (Standard) 
206NoivernRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
207WoobatRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
208SigilyphRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
209BeheeyemRuins of Rememberance (Standard) 
210GolurkRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
211ChandelureRuins of Rememberance (Standard/Illumina Spot) 
212UmbreonRuins of Rememberance (Illumina Spot) 
213JirachiRuins of Rememberance (Standard)Post-Game Mythical
214XerneasRuins of Rememberance (Illumina Spot)Illumina Pokemon