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Hitman 2 Review (it rhymes!)
« on: August 07, 2003, 04:01:32 PM »
well, 30 minutes after seven and the prof in my lab has gone home for the day.  so figure i might as well write up a quick review/impressions of a game.  Since the game i am currently devoting most my time to is Hitman 2 and since there is no review of Hitman 2, i'll write about Hitman 2.  sound good? good.

The Good.
I really like this game... i really do.  true i wasn't expecting much, but i can honestly say that the game has surprised me.  One aspect of the game is open-endedness... not so much to the extent as say a GTA, but much more so than say Splinter Cell.  The main character is given mission objectives at the beginning of a level, along with photos of targets and maps of the surrounding areas.  Obviously, to pass a level the objectives must be met, however, the method in which you accomplish them is entirely up to the player.  For example, (i will try to make this spoiler free)  to assassinate a target, you can plant a strategic bomb, or sniper from a far away building, or grab a disguise and get close or simply equip a powerful weapon and go running in guns ablazing.  
The levels are designed to allow the player to make his/her own choices; with several routes and entry points to differing places of interest.  I often find myself playing levels over and over again, always trying different methods and routes of attack.  For example, instead of running around in the sewers, i'll travel above ground taking out guards i come across along the way, or instead of sneaking around in a building, i'll subdue a guard, steal his uniform and walk around slowly as if i'm on patrol.  
The story is also pretty interesting, spread over different locales ranging from St. Petersburg to Japan, all of which look quite different from one another, which of course they should.
The graphics, though not pushing the bounds of the GC, are sometimes very pretty and thankfully do nothing to hinder the overall presentation of the game.  The sound is also well done, with atmospheric tunes that i find myself whistling sometimes.

The Bad
The Controls.  The controls are set up like first-person style (which is appreciated since you can play in first-person view if you which) with Halo-esque manipulation.  Meaning, Control Stick moves forward and strafes, while the C-Stick turns and looks up and down. R shoots and  L Crouches/Switches to Sneak mode.
Now, I'm not saying the controls are really BAD, just sometimes clunky.  this may be a result of my being used to Goldeneye controls with the Control stick moving and turning.  However, several times i have found myself looking at the sky or at the floor as a guard is filling me full of bullets because i'm putting on some uniform while a half-naked man lays dead at my feet.  
Another thing is the weapon switching, there is no weapon switch button designation.  Instead one has to press the B button and switch through the inventory using the D-pad.  A pain in the ass for sure, especially if i'm being chased and need to keep moving.  In the games defence though, one can press the Z button to bring up a detailed inventory which also convieniently pauses the action.
Of course with any game you become accustomed to the controls and the same rings true here.  Within 30 minutes i found myself easily dispatching guards and dragging their hilariously rag doll-like corpses behind boxes.  
The framerate also stutters along at random times, though never enough to truly hinder gameplay.  
Oh and i said the graphics were pretty, but they are also a bit disappointing if you take ito consideration the game came so many months after the PS2 version.

The Ugly.
- The floor textures
- Some of the characters
- The fact I have too much work to play this game often
- Your mom

In summary, Hitman 2 offers a worthwhile experience full of truly openended missions, with an involving story, and enough to bring you back to play the missions again and again.  Definitely worth atleast a rental and certainly a solid purchase.

And to help you gauge the relevence of my review to yourself, games i enjoy are action/adventure orientented, with and without mature themes, and a mix of puzzle.  A story is also important, if not blatently present in the game than with enough open so one can be fabricated in my mind.  Zelda is my favourite series, Metroid, Goldeneye, Metal Gear series all rank up there as well.  oh and FF3 for SNES  
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