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Nintendo Free Radio 75: Podcastmania
« on: April 07, 2016, 12:28:01 AM »
One day, we'll get to the pay windah if you weeeeeel.
Download (Time: 2:27:50)
Donald was a little under the weather the night of recording, so this is a slightly abbreviated episode 75 - no Whatcha Watchin', for one thing. Instead, Donald fires up New Business with a look at the dark side of Fire Emblem Fates in Conquest, after a big fat wedding in Birthright. Following some quick hits, Donald and Stephen form North American Alpha to tackle the two-man job that is Pokkén Tournament. Stephen gets the hot tag and tackles the original demo for Final Fantasy XV before hitting something quite unusual: A Telltale game that doesn't crash, and a Minecraft game that's only a slight affront to game programming (Minecraft Story Mode). Austen's brief mentions lead into a game that can be easily confused with the internet in Salt and Sanctuary before addressing the PlayStation 3/Vita/some other thing strategy game Aegis of Earth - with its flagrant ripping off of music.

Since there's no Whatcha Watchin', it's straight into a bunch of quick hits including PlayStation VR, the PS4k, rumor cat ownage and a legal case that may never get off the ground involving a game critic. (Disclaimer: Donald started backing Jim effing Sterling SON because of the threat of legal action.) The Mushrooms cover FLCL's apparent return, a rough season in the gastrointestinal area, and the continued heel turn of a noted racist, jack.

We're almost caught up on the backlog, with just a GOTY show to go, so drop us a line if you want us to cover something on Interstate '76!

This podcast was recorded on March 25 and was edited by Donald Theriault. We need more Brock Lesnar bearhugs in our lives.
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