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Future tactics Nintendo Game Cube
« on: March 19, 2006, 08:56:34 AM »
Ok first off this is the first review I have ever written for PGC. I have serched aroudna nd ddindt see any reviews for this game so wanted to write on since its a game I really like and not a lot of people talk about.

Thisis a turn based strategy action game that takesplace ina futiristic setting. Its a little different from most action games, its a very light hearted game for the mostpart but actulay has a sense of urgency when it needs to.

I dont have a lot of time invested in this game because I am havingtrouble completing the mission I am currently stuckon.

The game is a multi player game or a single player game. Single player is a mission based with some funny story elements thrown in. The main characters are a father son team with a young girl you have to protect a lot of the time.

What makes this game fun is that you have an endless sully of enemies coming at you making eah missions a reall challenge.

The cotrolsr are pretty simple and easy to figureout. You select your move either Atack, Move or Rest, If you attack each character has thier own special weapon and yo aim using the controlsticks and select your target. Move is limited becauseyou have a range that yo are allowed to move in and you can not go out side that range at all. If you are moving around and you cross an enemies sites they will react and notice you making them target you on thier next move.

While moving around the board you will find power ups and health packs. Try and save these for when you need them because your shiled will need to charge after usingit 1 turn. Also healing natrualy is a slow process and you sometimes dont have enough time to heal between attacks.

you last command is END, here you have the option of Healing, Sheilding or Resting.

If you select Heal your character will spend the enemies turn healing himself of damage that has incurred.

Shield will protect your from most attacks and asborb the stronger attacks but is limited in that once yo use it it takes three more turns to charge.

The last coommand is Rest,here you just do nothing, you end your turn and dont do anything at all.

I have not had a lot of experience witht he single player missiones but I can say thaty the game has a n interesting story and a decent challenge as well as a tutorial and various other modes to play and learn.

i actualy spend more time playing it 2player which is where the fun reallyis. You play againsta  human character and one player is the hero and the other will be the mosnters all the rules are the same but it is morefun playing against a monster that has real intelence instead of the CPU which cheats.

The controls aresimply,you select everything with the A Button (you know that big green button that does everything ona GC)

When firing your weapon you will aim with the control stick and have to slecet a crossbeam as it scrolls down your emenies body. you should always try and aim for the head because a head shot is more damaging and will earn yo more XP points.

I dont know much about how the experience pints work but once you level up your learn new ablities.

The graphcis are actualy quit nice for a bargain game. The game takes place mostlyout doors and teh environments are very niceto look at and fully interactive,you can even destory stuff in the scenery. the characters a pretty decentlooking and the mosnters areactualy very funny looking.

Themusic is great also, when its players turn you have a nice happy tune that gets your characters  in a good mood,thenit switches to a more aggressive soudning track when its enemies turn.

Futur tactics is made by Crave and is a pretty fun game. I foundit in a bargain bin at Gamestop for 2.99 and it is easilyworth more than that. I havent played the othermodes of play but there are alotof different ways to play this game.I spend mroetime playing against friends than playingthe misisons but themissions are fun too.

I highly recomnet this game for someone who is looking for soemthing differerent than the normal GC style game. I do not knwo if its is availabel for Xbox or not but I think I seen it for PS2 also. Anyways this game needs to be russurected for revolution because this is one game that would work nicely with the controller.

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RE:Future tactics Nintendo Game Cube
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2006, 11:22:19 AM »
ok peopel this is an aweseme game how come no body is running out to buy it?
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RE:Future tactics Nintendo Game Cube
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2006, 11:24:57 AM »
Why must all things be so bright? Why can things not appear only in hues of brown! I am so serious about this! Dull colors are the future! The next generation! I will never accept a world with such bright colors! It is far too childish! I will rage against your cheery palette with my last breath!

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RE:Future tactics Nintendo Game Cube
« Reply #3 on: April 21, 2006, 01:36:51 PM »
Actually, I bought the game, and I mostly agree that it's a great game, but ironically, I disagree on the two-player.  The thing is, if you approach someone and use hand-to-hand attack, and then press A just as your attack hits the other character, it will pretty much kill them immediately.  So it boils down to who gets the first turn...or else forcing yourselves to only fight with guns, but to me that seems kind of cheesy.

However, I felt the game as a whole was really tight for a budget game and it's actually a lot better than many full-priced games out there.  If they had had a bigger budget and more time, I think Future Tactics could have been a must-have game.  As it stands I still love it.

Edit: I don't remember how the game's score turned out on Gamerankings (can't visit it either, I'm at work), but most of the reviews I read under-rated the game, IMO.  I'd put it somewhere in the 7.5 range, worth it for $30 in my opinion.
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