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Title: Some Anime News
Post by: DrForester on February 16, 2003, 06:17:17 PM
Now that some other Nintendo sites forums are pretty much toast, I’ll start posting some anime news here, since after seeing the Evangelion thread, there is obviously some interest.


Some may already know, but Spirited Away has gotten an Oscar Nomination for Best Animated Film, along with Lilo and Stick, Ice Age, Spirit, and Treasure Planet. Being Nominated (And more likely if it wins) will likely cause a delay in the April 17th DVD release so Disney can put in theaters again.


Konami has announced they are making an action game based on the recent anime "Saishu Heiki Kanojo" (also known as She The Ultimate Weapon, or Saikano). Though pictures make it look more like the usual "date sim" format. The game will be released in May on the PS2.

Bandai has announced they are making an Evangelion RPG for the PS2 and it will be released later this year.

not surprisingly, these titles probably won't show up in the USA.

RahXephon Movie:

RahXephon: Tagen Hensoukyoku (RahXephon: Pluralistic Variation), the feature film will debut in Japan on April 19. No idea how this fits into the show chronologically.

The first RahXephon DVD will be released in the USA by ADV films on March 25.


On march 4, the first .hack//SIGN DVD will be released in the USA. There will be 2 versions, a regular version, and a beefy prices $65 special edition. The $65 is well justified as you not only get the DVD, but a box for all 6 volumes, a postcard and sticker set, a demo of .hack//INFECTION For the PS2, a plush figure of a "Grunty" (cow-like animal used for transportation), a T-Shirt, and the first .hack//SIGN OST (Which by the cover appears to be a reprint of the first OST in Japan). Volumes 2-6 will also have $40 LE sets which will feature a limited slip case, and another music CD, the 6 volume will also include a box for all the CD's. People are unsure how the CD thing is going to work, Bandai has said the CD with volume 6 is the .hack//LIMINALITY (the OVA that comes with the PS2 game), and there were only 3 OST's for .hack//SIGN in Japan, so the 2 remaining CD's are anyone’s guess.

Also, the .hack//GAMES release schedule in the USA has been announced. .hack//INFECTION came out this past week, .hack//MUTATION will hit on May 6, .hack//OUTBREAK on August 5, and .hack//QUARANTINE on November 4.

The Special Edition Box

Hell Freezes Over And Other Cartoon Network News:

February 24-28 is Giant Robot Week on Toonami. During this week several episodes of various anime will be aired including Robotech, Dai-Guard, Martian Successor Nadesico, and NEON GENISIS EVANGELION. Despite being in an afternoon timeslot the ADV panel at the anime convention Katsucon this weekend confirmed the episodes would be shown uncut. Keep in mind, they will only be showing some episodes, there will not be full runs of these shows.

Trigun will air on Cartoon Network starting in April.

March 17th will see the Beginning of Rurouni Kenshin on Cartoon Network

Some Import News

The 1989 anime film Five Star Stories will be released in Japan on April 17 with an available English subtitle track.

Nearly Every studio Ghibli DVD in Japan features English subtitles (And the English dub if one was made). Just about every film, except for Nausicaa has been released so far.

Saikano, the recent anime by Studio GONZO (Blue Submarine 6, Hellsing), is currently being released in Japan on DVD, and the DVD's will feature English subtitles (3 of 5 volumes are out).
Title: Some Anime News
Post by: RahXephon on February 16, 2003, 06:41:39 PM
some extra stuff as well, the cowboy bebop movie, Knocking on heavens door is being done, but by a new company with some of the old staff.  this new company, which arose from surise, is called Bones and is responsible for Trigun as well.

.Hack//sign is now on saturday cartoon network.  The dubbing has also caused me to vomit profusively, so be warned.

watch Haibane Renmei because it is good.
Title: Some Anime News
Post by: aoi tsuki on February 16, 2003, 08:41:47 PM
What's the attraction with the .hack anime? i heard the game was great, so i checked out the anime (i don't have a PS2 to try the game on). After watching the OVA and first four episodes, i was really unimpressed. i watched every episode hoping it would get better, but despite a good concept and an even better soundtrack, it never did.
Title: Some Anime News
Post by: RahXephon on February 17, 2003, 05:10:55 AM
really??? I loved it enough i ordered it from Japan.  I think it is great, Tsukasa is the 4th most recognized male anime character in Japan.  Yes, and it is under the male category.  The plot was very intriguing, but best of all really was TSukasa.  He was just some reminiscent of Shinji.  Burried in his own world of suffering and grieving.  Only this is a non-suicidal answer to Evangelion.