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Feb. 19 - 21 Weekend Reading!

The Topic of the Day / Long Weekend is in regards to the biggest Nintendo game released so far this year: Pokemon Legends: Arceus It's a game that seems to have reignited the passion of many Pokemon fans that had been getting restless with the series over some of it last few entries and has had a lot of chatter in the NWR Discord and elsewhere online. Surely the forums would also be a good place to talk and show one's pokemons.  ;)

Other topics of interest:

If you are looking for something to play beside the POKE and the MON then let me try to help you out by highlighting some games recently released on the Switch eShop this week which were positively received by NWR staff.

Both Ocean's Heart, a 2D-like Zelda game with Wind Waker vibes, and SOL CRESTA, the joke Schmup that became real, were reviewed this past week and both games got an 8.5 rating.

Of course, a game is more than just a review score so do try to check out the articles to see what is appealing about those titles and if they might appeal to you also.

As always, you may want to check in and let us know what you are playing or the latest game you've just beat. (Or maybe even do a Reader Review about a game and possibly have that become a Topic of the Day. :o )

Otherwise, you can always just post about what's happening in your life these days and/or see what's happening with other forum users.

Feb. 22 - This site will always be tied to the GameCube due to that being the main factor in its original founding. As such, it's no surprise to see that members here still love thinking about the box. A recent topic wonders whether Nintendo's Software Output From August 2002 - August 2003 might be the greatest string of released games in its history. Agree or disagree? Check out the thread and see where you fall on the matter. Topic of the Nostalgia for Yesterday!

Feb. 23 - Today's topic is a bit of an original in that I can't think of many examples in which the process of leveling up in an RPG and what stats or strategies a player focuses on when doing so has been discussed. How Do You Level Up? questions what matters and what doesn't when it comes to making your character's better in a game. It is not about how you get to the Top Kitchen in Next Level Chef. Topic of the I-can't-believe-it's-actually-today Day!

Feb. 24 - Well, as you probably know, it's war. I'm not sure if that's fully the reason as to the creation of this thread, Today Sucks; I Hate This but it's what the title seemed to be referring to in my understanding. Perhaps you too may be looking for something positive and maybe that can be achieved through some silly memes if you have any to share. (Or embrace the negative as ThePerm seems to be suggesting...) Sad Topic of the Day.

Feb. 25 - Port city, here we come! So many games have been ported to the Switch with more to come and yet it still isn't enough for some because there are certain titles they'd like to see ported which haven't made the Switch leap yet. Maybe you are one of those people holding out hope for a certain game from a previous generation to be ported to the Switch. If so, why not click on the link and post your Switch port wishlist. Perhaps if you put the idea out there, you'll be able to create a cosmic ripple that leads to you dream coming true. Wish Upon A Star of the Day!


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