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I've been running a small server for my friends and I since the early Alpha versions. We've all kind of grew disinterested in the game over the last month or so, but I think it's just because we burnt ourselves out with our marathon building nights. We'll go back to it once we cleanse our pallets a bit.

Make sure you get a good texture pack! I 'm not too fond of the full on hi-def ones, but just about anything is better than the defaults. I use a modified version of the "JohnSmith" texture pack.

A friend of mine runs a minecraft server that is somewhat popular:!/MinecraftServer

Since my main style of playing is to grab a sword (I've gotten pretty proficient at killing creepers in close combat) and go explore caves I would appreciate more variety down there. Most recent improvements were to the above-ground and decoration mechanisms. I've never used mine carts as I'm mostly digging near the bottom of the map to find diamond, moving mine carts vertically is fairly difficult/expensive for slim benefits so I can't be bothered. There really needs to be some sort of elevator for those things. I've visited a 16th century silver mine and they already had an elevator for the ore. Mining shafts are vertical with ladders for people and elevators for ore in real life, in Minecraft you have to stick that ore in your pocket to get it up through the shaft.

Thankfully the last update added powered mine cart tracks. ;)

Yeah but they can't go vertical like a lift would, plus it's quite expensive to lay the 64 tracks necessary to go from ground level to the bedrock.


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