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We have new moderators!

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I'd have thought the title I'm currently sporting would have revealed that first but different shading of username colors it is!

The name comes before the title so I hadn't read that yet. Also, I read on the mobile "Lite" version half of the time and name colors and titles do not appear on that version, as well as images.

Mop it up:
I may not be good at starting topics or visiting every day or writing huge posts, but if you're looking for anyone to correct errors in people's posts so they don't have to take the time to edit them themselves, I'm good for that!

Hoorah for me!
This is a valid moderatorship right? Right?
It isn't? oh ok then.....

The only thing I would want to be a mod for is deleting bot posts(or throwing them into the funhouse)

They are a scourge!


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