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Radio Trivia Score Report for 10/11/02


(Written by Jonnyboy117)

Host: Michael "TYP" Cole, <TheYoungerPlumber>

Game #1 - The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (GBC)
Q: Who collects vases again?
<SS4Gogita> ingop

Game #2 - Gauntlet Legends (N64)
Q: Name every console that has received a version of Gauntlet Legends and/or its expansion, Dark Legacy.
<Moerer> dreamcast ps2 gamecube, n64 xbox ps1

Game #3 - Sonic Advance (GBA)
Q: Exactly what animation is shown while music plays in the Sound Test?
<NikJam> Amy dancing with maracas

"Super Sonic Racing" - Sonic R
"You Can Do Anything" - Sonic CD (JPN/EURO)

Game #4 - Gauntlet (NES)
Q: The Gauntlet series is widely known for its four-player mode.  Plenty of people know about the NES Four Score, but what was Nintendo's other, wireless four-player adaptor for the system?
<Moerer> Satelliete

Game #5 - Adventures in the Magical Kingdom (NES)
Q: In the real Magical Kingdom, what food item does the Space Mountain's queuing lobby use to simulate an asteroid?
<Approx01> Cookie

"Brown Sugar" - Bob Dylan (Live Rolling Stones cover from 10/07/02 concert)

Moerer: 4

NikJam: 3

Magus-: 2

dextro: 2


Zaxx__: 1

FyreWulff: 1

TKnHappyNess: 1

robageejammin: 1

Jyn: 1

TheViper: 1

Approx01: 1

(Thanks NikJam -TYP)


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