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Episode 712: It Sounds Stupid Said Out Loud

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While this might be particularly relevant this week, it is particularly relevant every week.http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/rfn/56513/episode-712-it-sounds-stupid-said-out-loudThere was Pokémon news last week, but we talk about it this week. Deal with it. Brilliant Diamond, Shining Pearl, and of course Pokémon Legends Arceus were all announced. We can't remember the adjectives for our Diamond and Pearl remakes, and not even the Pokémon Company can pronounce Arceus. They CAN make a trailer that looks an awful lot like Breath of the Wild.There's also a new Smash character! We knew Mythra and Pyra were coming, and now they're here. James and Greg breakdown the announcement video, and "See here!", get stuck in with the character.Yer' done!Okay, that's out of my system.After the break New Business continues with some of the Newest Business: James has Bravely Default II. It's not the sequel to Bravely Default. But it is a sequel to Bravely Default. He's not far in, so his impressions are very early. Guillaume has beaten Children of Morta, and has some final thoughts on the game. He also vanquished Ring Fit Adventure, and he is now the buffest person on Earth. Interestingly enough, we have an email asking about how to find the determination to get up, put down the game, and get fit. It takes quite a bit more time to answer than expected, but it's important and as a reminder WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS. We're just angry on the Internet.If you're angry in the Internet, send us an email about it.It's time for a RetroActive, Resident Evil: Revelations. You can comment here. Please do, this is an interactive segment. Please interact with us. We'll be doing the recording of our RetroActive sometime in late March or early April.

Come for the Nintendo.

Stay for the weight loss advice!

I liked the health and fitness talk. It put my own goals into perspective, if that makes sense.

Set realistic goals and keep evolving them.

I didn't plan to go where I ended up, I just wanted to feel better...then I turned it into a game. I had a custom suit made and they asked if I wanted any "room to grow," "No. Tight."

Regret that now, but I still appreciate the confidence.

Also loved the fitness talk


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