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Yeah, you didn't have an avatar. So I got creative.

It would be interesting to play a game where the only players who can use PMs are the Mafia and everyone else can talk only in the daily threads, but I can't think of any way to enforce this.

Next game, I'm not even going to post any rules since it is a waste of time and just wait for players to ask questions and respond them then.
It would be hilarious to play a game like that, where no one knows the rules!

The only way I think this could be enforced is if someone wrote a specific client type software. Even then people would go around this.

Quote from: BeautifulShy
That said it would be hilarious to have a game where the rules were very important.  Like just random things happening based on activities in the day thread.  Like if a player votes 4th in the day thread you get to have investigative powers for 1 hour and you have to use your investigations within that hour time frame so you would have to be informed on what you want to do and also be around to use your temp powers.   Random things like that would be interesting.

That's a great idea. I like it.

In this game I did a whole lot more personal messages, and there were also people who took the game to discord. It wasn't that great for spectators on the forums.

I mean isn't that the inherent problem with the message board format? That communications might have to be vetted and checked over before made; If someone types what they're thinking(heaven forbid) before it is a fully formed and researched thesis then the whole lot of posters are a group of undesirable illiterates.

I also put the qualification "If I recall" I can recall wrong. That happens. The games over, I'm not going to check the rules in a frivolous conversation post. My memory of the rules has no consequence after the game. I guess I could open up another tab in the middle of typing and check the rules, and then delete everything I just wrote. I lose my lost time either way. There is no incentive.  I'd rather be reprimanded.

If I'm in the middle of game-play I check them constantly. Which is the reason while reading the rules I noticed there was a No Vote option in the last game, but not in this game. I think you recall I commented on it. I can't remember all the rules especially if they're transient from game to game. Good luck if you don't post them in the next game because I think you posted them for a good reason. I think you'll get far more questions going the other way.

Now enough Monty Pythoning.

I am a master of the game Fluxx, which whole point is: that you change the rules as you play.

You could make a mafia game where the rules change by day based on a dice toss. That would be interesting. Conditions A, Conditions B, Conditions C, etc.

I still like the idea of a one time day kill where the victim survives for like two days and their role becomes public while they're bleeding to death. I'd like to see how that plays out.

And you weren't even a target that day. When I voted for you it was just because everyone else was. And in the end I got rid of my vote and had planned on campaigning for someone else. But that switch from votes being due in the morning to votes being due at night threw me off.

I also possibly could have taken out Tophatant before Stevey was hit if I went with Tophatant instead of lolmonade that day. Because if I recall you can't use your vigilante kill if someone kills you first. I put my kills in pretty quickly after days end. It would have been nice to avert a goon death and get out the vigilante at the same time.

Another thing I learned was that as mafia I should control the vote record. The goons should actually not vote for townies in the first few days. The mafia should rely on the kills the first few days. Had Stevey looked less suspicious then townies wouldn't be after him. It was a blunder to have the kills be the same as the votes. It was coincidental, but there shouldn't be these sort of coincidences. It might be strategic to vote for each other last minute to muddy the vote record.

I also didn't use discord at all. I didn't want to lie in real time. I could do it, but that requires more brain work and could be exhausting.

There was a lot said about the machinations of the mafia in the game, and a lot of it wasn't that deep.

I almost didn't mess with the harvest items at all. I've never played a harvest moon game, so I'm not even familiar with the series. I only just tried it and hit that bribe jackpot.

Ya'll didn't think the guy handing the mayor bribes wasn't in the Mafia?

Year 1
I encouraged the bandwagon against mop it up, while publicly saying people shouldn't vote for her. The first vote doesn't matter much.

I hit poképal128 because his posts reminded me of internet spam. I also thought it would be funny to close up his shop. All those hopes and dream. I would have sent some goons to his shop for collection, but this was easier. I kind of knew it would turn into the dead thread.

Year 2
I hit Beautifulshy because she was so damn active. I did not pay attention to her letters or anything like that. She just posted a lot. I was also getting confused of Beautifulshy and Tophatant because their icons have the same character. I didn't want the confusion so I got rid of one of them. I had changed my vote a few times in the middle of the night because I thought if I voted for her. I'd wake up to find a bandwagon against me. Bonus though we took out an extra person with Stratos. The votes were stacked against Crimm too, so we couldn't do anything for him without looking suspicious.

Year 3
I got a message from Order.RSS saying that they were a detective. I figured that Order.rss might be a regular townie, and that there could be a real detective pulling the strings, since it was already 2 days into the game. My initial thought was to take Order.RSS out, but then I thought "well what the hell, lets roll with this, we'll keep him around" I even thought about throwing all the other mafia off the bus just so it looked like I was a townie. But then I thought maybe they would PM people in revenge. When I finally beat the game Organ Trail this lead me to victory.  I also thought about how the numbers game would look down the road and figured that was the harder path.

I messaged the team to let them know of the detectives mistake.

I wanted to get out Tophatant, but I had voted for them earlier. So, i thought that might look suspicious.

Order.RSS messaged me asking what I thought about voting for people. I gave him no clear answers. I left it vague. I let him decide.

Then Order.RSS asked me who he should investigate. I gave him some good advice. I told him to investigate Wah or Masb. I said investigating Luigi Dude was also just as good as investigating anyone else.

When the vote came up I messed up. I thought we had more time during the day. I didn't want to look like mafia and unvoted MKBungle. I didn't vote for anyone else because I thought I would have another 12 or so hours. It still worked out. Stevey voted for MKBungle knocking him out. I did not coordinate on stevey with this as MASB accuded me of.

I put the hit on Lolmonade, because I wanted it to feel senseless. Order.rss or Nickmitch commented that it was kind of a weird choice. That's the feeling I wanted. A feeling of Randomness. I almost got rid of Order.RSS that day. But I figured "How deep could I go?"

I did defensively argue for Stevey's case. I did not tell him how to vote on day 2. He didn't follow the orders on day one. He just coincidentally voted for Pokepal and Beautifulshy. I never told him who I was going to hit. I figured having been investigated it was a plus against my Stevey defense. I could have had Insanolord defend him, but that would be bad strategy. The longer we keep mafia in the game the sooner we win.

I think I suggested blackmail to Stevey that day. Change your vote or else! That was up to him.

Year 4
Having earned the trust of Order.RSS I just voted with him. He picked MASB to go. I put up a little fake resistance, and suggested Insanolord instead. But he wanted MASB. MASB put out a perfectly correct argument against me, but the votes were stacked against him. If I publicly spent too much energy defending myself. It would look bad. MASB didn't trust Order.RSS. He also didnt trust me because I said I talked to a detective. For day 5 I almost used Order.RSS bad record against him, but he was a number I could use.

Also, what was the deal? There were two detectives? Were they aware of each other? Or was this a copy-paste error on Khushrenada's part?

I hit Tophatant because they started the Stevey bandwagon the day before.

Year 5
I let Order.RSS pick the victim again. He and Nickmitch had cooked up their plan. I had figured it was fishy, but I figured as long as I looked like I was following orders all should work out. They set me up against Luigi Dude instead of Wah, or Insanolord. I had told Insanolord the plan, and if it came down to it, I would vote him out. If that happened I wasn't looking forward to another day of role playing, but Wah would be the next easy target.  Order.RSS said we should just stack the votes on Wah so I changed it to wah. Majority vote triggered the day to end.

Meanwhile I was working on "my collage" °_°.  Pretty shortly after the thread closed I sent my hit for Luigi Dude.

I had figured I won, barring some crazy phoenix down item from the shop. Bonus I got to keep Insanolord with me. I could have won faster if I got out Tophatant sooner. I didn't need that vigilante kill. I'm also glad I got out the vigilante, because I did not want to deal with a killer.

I also have to note the townie alliance felt more like a mafia than the mafia. I learned: Let the townies make their own mistakes.

Also, thanks Khushrenada for hosting another great game.

If you click on the image in the story post, it will enlarge to its giant self. I put some size tags to it so that it would show up without overwhelming the page. Maybe I could make it a bit larger but I figured you'd post another version like you have to let the people see things more clearly. I really loved how well you made Dave Nelson look like a psycho killer. I guess Matthew finally drove him over the edge.

I couldn't find that same picture with Dave Foley with a knife, Reverse image search came up with "White collar worker" So, I typed it, and got him with an axe instead, which is better.

Crimm's photo took some detective work. He never got back to me in time. Reverse image search didn't work. So I enlarged the photo and then tried reverse image search and got a hit that time.,135.8367246,3a,75y,287.17h,59.32t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjQ7KpmTLUIIVOSRGyXeyUw!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

I then found a facebook page with several clear images.

I then used a deep learning algorithm to help me draw it, because I didn't want to spend hours tracing it. I had it copy my style though. Then I touched it up.

The last version I sent Khushrenada was a giant uncompressed image, which might be why its shrunken down.

I tested on my computer and phone, and it didn't fit the frame.

vote wah

OK so I guess this means I un-vote  Luigi Dude


I wonder how deep it goes...

Nickmitch's reasoning sounds logical and I trust Tophatant's voting record.


Everyone must be too busy checking out all the good deals on

You know if I had a spare $99 I'd buy and put a gif on it. Dang cyber squatters.

Activision is kind of an interesting company because they're like video game company #4. They were really at the start of the industry. It's too bad this all went down.

The other thing that makes this a problem, or at least set up the problem was a generational gap. Old school women weren't generally too interested in nerdy video games. Women of a certain age and up just weren't interested or acculturated in STEAM sort of lines of work. New school women were all down with nerd culture. There has been a huge change in our culture in that regard. So, you ended up with a bunch of older men with a bunch of younger women and younger men. Which, in some companies could be a recipe for toxicity without proper management and guidelines.

This is probably prevalent throughout the industry. I can't imagine Activision/Blizzard being an isolated case. I wonder what type of stuff is going on at western companies like Bungie, EA, Infinity Ward, Take-Two, Naughty-Dog, Bethesda, and Ubisoft.  Not to mention what goes on at Japanese companies. If I remember correctly there was a big sexual harassment case over at Team Ninja a few years ago.

The biggest take is: Don't try to bang your co-workers. I know you spend all your time at work. Don't do it. Work places are not open environments. Getting harassed at work can make people feel miserable. Don't cause misery. Separate your personal life and your work life. Don't **** where you eat. Be nice and polite to people.

Ok, So, a supposed Townie Detective told me that they investigated MKBungle and that MKBungle is a townie. I'm not sure if I trust the supposed detective or not. They could just be mafia. They've fished a lot out of me in the last day.

I'm removing my MKBungle vote for now, unless someone convinces me otherwise.

I don't think Stevey is mafia. Here is why: Why would Stevey vote for people that were just going to be killed by the mafia in the first place? It makes no sense. I don't see Stevey telegraphing mafia kills.

Insanolord is not likely to be mafia either because Insanolord has not voted. It's a mafias goal to get out two players a day. Insanolord could be laying low, but so could a few other players.

Lolmanade has a pretty good voting record. As best as it can be in two days. I'm going to go with the MKbungle vote and un-vote  MKBungle for now. I could change my mind. I'm not tied to this.

General Gaming / Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« on: November 23, 2021, 03:47:58 AM »
I thought about that, but I can imagine Ryu Hayabusa running through Super Metroid with NES controls just fine. More button combinations make a game more accessible, but you could do most things with less buttons using button combinations and timing. It would fundamentally change the game though.

I see sweet potatos are open. I'll take those too.

I'll take an Orange Bell Pepper.

General Gaming / Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« on: November 21, 2021, 02:18:18 PM »
i don't necessarily agree that the run button must be a shoulder button. Mario games use B for everything and still work.

I'm about halfway through The Thing and I thought "vote for active players and they'll rally a crowd and vote you out before you wake up and then you'll be out of the game" I've done this a few times: where I went to sleep, I thought it was a good idea. Turns out it was a a bad idea. I've been out so many times day one or day two that it's got me wired.

vote for inactive players and you might remove the godfather, or usually the killer(though there isn't a killer in the game). I'm not really buying Luigi Dude or Crimm theories.

vote Wah

un-vote Beautifulshy

I don't know if this is the right choice.  It's very likely I wont be up before 9am. This is the problem with being a night owl. We're still in the crapshoot phase at the beginning of the game. I'm suspicious and weary of everyone. Beautifulshy could be scrambling. Wah's absence is suspicious. Luigi dude hasn't done anything to make me weary. But that itself is suspicious. But all that could mean nothing. I just don't know enough to make a good informed decision. Some people are acting suspicious, but not to the extant that I really want to see them go. But then again there is what happened in the last game. We should have got Mop_it_up out and we didn't.

It's 1:50ish my time in Arizona, and 4:50ish forum time. I just fed one of my cats.  I think I'm going to go turn The Thing on and relax. I usually wake up at 10:30am to 11am Arizona time.  I might wake up early and change my mind. I might change my mind in an hour. I don't know.

Beautifulshy and Tophatant having the same character as their avatar is making this confusing.

un-vote Wah

They were really active yesterday, but not so much today.

edit: actually they weren't that active yesterday either.

I'm really torn on who I should vote for. I think early bandwagons are really suspect. I don't have enough data to really establish who is who. I'll check in, a few hours from now I guess. I'm just as weary of Beatifulshy as Crimm. And Tophatant voted for me, but then again they also unvoted for me. So, I got that going for me.

I also have a planned HARVEST PARTY given that I acquired all these goods.

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