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Nintendo Downloads - October 21, 2021


Are we going to have to haul this week before the Senate before it gets assassinated?http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/news/58714/nintendo-downloads-october-21-2021Unlike the last couple of weeks, we don't have a consensus GOTY here - sure, Dying Light is an old game but it's not really one that blew up in the higher consciousness the same way Tetris Effect or Disco Elysium did. Meanwhile, we'll have a review up shortly for The Caligula Effect 2 - which is good, as I'm running out of ways to quote Meticulous Analysis of History when talking about it. If you want to keep up the old game trek, we'll have the seasonally appropriate Corpse Party - though as of original press time, pricing only appears in Europe for it.There's some smaller download titles this week, with the main one being the cutely named Sheepo, though we also have an Indie World appearance in Skul: The Hero Slayer. We also have the Mix event (famous for my probable panic attack at The Last E3) serving as a publisher for the Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad.Japan gets a release for Blue Reflection: Second Light (coming to the West in three weeks, though it's probably the third biggest RPG of that week) and a way late launch for Creature in the Well.North AmericaSwitch RetailDying Light: Platinum Edition (US$49.99/C$69.99: Tuesday)The Caligula Effect 2 ($49.99/$66.49: Tuesday)Youtubers Life 2 ($39.99/$59.99: Tuesday)My Friend Peppa Pig ($39.99/$50.39: Friday)Switch eShopFantasy General II: Invasion ($39.99/$53.19)Angry Alligator ($29.99/$39.99: Tuesday)Lyrica2: Stars Align ($24.99/$33.99)Tandem: A Tale of Shadows ($24.99/$28.99)Skul: The Hero Slayer ($21.00/$27.93)Monomals ($19.99/$26.99)Evertried ($19.99/$26.59)<Corpse Party ($19.99/$24.99: Wednesday)p>Spectacular Sparky ($14.99/$19.99: Wednesday)JARS ($14.99/$19.68: Wednesday)Cards of the Dead ($14.99/$19.94)Sakura Nova ($14.99/$19.99)Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light ($14.99: Friday)Pro Flight Simulator ($14.99/$19.99: Friday)Negative Nancy ($14.99/$17.49: Saturday)The Dark Side of the Moon ($13.99/$18.99: Monday)Regency Solitaire ($11.99/$15.95: Tuesday)City Stunt Driver ($11.99/$15.95: Friday)Mainframe Defenders ($11.99/$15.95: Friday)Sheepo ($10.99/$13.29: Wednesday)Murder Diaries 2 ($9.99/$13.99)BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terrorist Squad ($9.99/$13.29: Wednesday)Super Fowlst ($9.99/$13.29)Dawn of Survivors 2 ($9.99/$12.99)Yumeiri ($8.00/$10.64)Duo Zombies ($7.99/$9.99: Tuesday)Donut Match ($7.99/$9.99: Friday)Endocrisis ($6.99/$9.30)Howling Village: Echoes ($6.99/$9.30)Pixel Game Maker Series Shiba Mekuri ($5.49/$7.30)rRootage Reloaded ($5.00/$6.65)Crazy Gravity ($4.99/$6.49: Wednesday)Flaskoman ($4.99/$6.64)Reminiscence In The Night ($4.99/$6.99: Friday)Minigolf Adventure ($4.99/$6.64: Friday)Crossroad Crash ($4.98/$6.50: Saturday)Dracula Frames ($3.99/$4.99)Parasomnium Verum ($3.49/$4.64: Tuesday)Ball Physics Draw Puzzles 2 ($2.99/$3.49)Switch ArchivesMappy ($7.99/$9.87)Sales and Price DropsHighlights: Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is 75% off (a record low) until November 4. PSPrices, DekuDeals, @eShopNotifierEuropeSwitch RetailThe Caligula Effect 2 (€49.99/£44.99: Friday)Youtubers Life 2 (€39.99/£34.99: Monday)My Friend Peppa Pig (€39.99/£34.99: Friday)Switch eShopFantasy General II: Invasion (€39.99/£30.59)Raiden IV: Mikado Remix (€34.99/£29.99)Angry Alligator (€29.99/£26.99: Monday)Tandem: A Tale of Shadows (€24.99/£21.99: Wednesday)Corpse Party (€19.99/£17.99: Wednesday)Skul: The Hero Slayer (€16.99/£15.29)Monomals (€16.99/£14.99)Evertried (€16.79/£15.09)Sakura Nova (€14.99/£14.99)Pro Flight Simulator (€14.99/£14.99: Friday)Spectacular Sparky (€14.99/£13.49: Tuesday)JARS (€14.99/£13.49: Wednesday)Cards of the Dead (€14.99/£13.49)Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light (€14.99/£13.49: Friday)Negative Nancy (€12.49/£11.39: Tuesday)City Stunt Driver (€11.99/£10.79: Friday)The Dark Side of the Moon (€11.99/£9.99: Monday)Regency Solitaire (€10.99/£9.99: Tuesday)Sheepo (€10.99/£9.89: Wednesday)Mainframe Defenders (€10.39/£9.39: Friday)Murder Diaries 2 (€9.99/£9.99)Tomb of the Mask (€9.99/£8.99: Wednesday)Dawn of Survivors 2 (€9.99/£7.99)Super Fowlist (€9.09/£8.19)BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terrorist Squad (€8.55/£7.69: Tuesday)Yumeiri (€8.00/£7.19)Donut Match (€7.99/£7.99: Friday)Duo Zombies (€7.99/£6.99: Tuesday)Howling Village: Echoes (€5.99/£4.99)Reminiscence In The Night (€4.99/£4.99: Friday)Crazy Gravity (€4.99/£4.49: Wednesday)Minigolf Adventure (€4.99/£4.49: Friday)Flaskoman (€4.49/£4.00)Crossroad Crash (€4.35/£3.98: Friday)Pixel Game Maker Series Shiba Mekuri (€4.19/£3.79)Dracula Frames (€3.99/£3.59)Ball Physics Draw Puzzles 2 (€2.99/£2.69: Wednesday)Switch ArchivesMappy (€6.99/£6.29)JapanBlue Reflection: Second Light (¥8580)Darksiders III (¥5980)Archetype Arcadia (¥3980)Monster Crown (¥3499)AeternoBlade II (¥3000)Evertried (¥2200)Monomals (¥2200)Skul: The Hero Slayer (¥2100)Ultimate Fishing Simulator (¥2000)Pro Flight Simulator (¥1999)Creature in the Well (¥1985)The Dark Side of the Moon (¥1600)JARS (¥1599)Sakura Nova (¥1500)Alice (¥1490)Danger Scavenger (¥1000)Ultimate Ski Jumping 2021 (¥1000)Murder Diaries 2 (¥999)Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light (¥990)Mappy (¥838)Caretaker (¥800)Howling Village: Echoes (¥800)Duo Zombies (¥799)Puzzle 9 (¥799)Endrocrisis (¥780)Comic Coloring Book (¥699)rRootage Reloaded (¥600)Ghost Sweeper (¥580)Crossroad Crash (¥558)Pixel Game Maker Series Shiba Mekuri (¥550)Lord of the Click II (¥539)Crazy Gravity (¥500)Momoko 1200% (¥500)Pupai Po Cosmic Deluxe (¥500)Tap Skaters (¥500)Flaskoman (¥439)Dracula Frames (¥400)Red Square Escape (¥399)Wood Block Escape Puzzles (¥399)Red Ball Escape (¥379)My Little Fruit Juice Booth (¥359)Engawa Boys and Kemonotan (free)


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