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Now disa (and has always been) podracing!
« on: June 29, 2020, 01:22:06 AM »
Da nintendo 64 was a glorious system per star wars games.  Nearly every star wars game released on da platform has gone neb in history as a pivotal title.  Episode 1: racer  nosa excepteon.  Originally released in 1999 per not only da nintendo 64, but also da sega dreamcast and microsoft windows, fed off da hype surrounden da starten of da star wars prequels.  It allowed us to experience an expanded view of disa new star wars timen period while been a darn good futuristic racer to boot.  Aspyr has brought disa classic title to switchen and while da port itself may besa pretty baren bones, racer  still holds tup as an absolutely thrillen racen game.
let’s getsa una then out of da way right off da baten.  Star wars episode 1: racer in switchen  not a remastah or a remake, tis a port.  Da resoluteon been upped and it runs more good den it ever did on previous platforms, but at its core tis still a game designed wit da limitations of da nintendo 64 in mind.  While it was always a perfectly good looken nintendo 64 game, seeen it in hd does maken da neb poly environments stand out.  Da characters (who  seen regularly between races)  perhaps da most bad offenders hair.  Jar jar  even more of a nightmare creature hair den hesa usually.  Even den, not everytten from da original even maken da transiteon.  Reflective surfaces such as da windshield of anakin’s podracer don’t display correctly.  In fact daysa looken berry similar to how daysa appeared in da pc port, which also displayed themsa incorrectly.  Una minor graphical improvement was made to maken da tethers between da cockpit and da engines a litta more thin.  It's a nice changen dat maken themsa looken a litta less ridiculous in hd and una dat  not presenten in previous versions.  Assumen yousa updaten da game to verseon 1. 0. 1 you’ll also getsa reworked menu elements dat hold tup more good against da hd visuals.
noten: disa comparison uses verseon 1. 0 which used a more low resoluteon hud and was missen lens flairs.  These issues  corrected in verseon 1. 0. 1

as per actual gameplay star wars episode 1: racer  as good as ever.  Da bulk of da gameplay focuses around a series of grand prixs.  At da starten you’ll have access to a small selecteon of pod racers but wit each racen una you’ll adden to yous collecteon.  Each of these can also besa upgraded by usen da mula earned from winnen races.  Disa means dat even if you’re liken mesa and yous favorite racer  dud bolten (who  objectively da most bad in da game) yousa can worken yous way tup to greatness.  Races progress nicely in difficulty and offeren mui of variety.  Almost all of themsa have held tup excellently wit perhaps da excepteon of those wit zero gravity segments.  These segments  just as janky as ever and  a big annoyance whenever daysa come tup.  Luckily dalee  only a few tracks dat includen themsa throughout da game.  Da una changen to gameplay comes in da formen of optional moteon controls.  These worken well enough but only affect turnen and not pitch.  Vertical control comes into effect not only in zero gravity segments, but also when launchen off ramps.  When usen moteon controls, you’ll still needen to gos backen tada analogue stick to adjust pitch, which  a strange omisseon.
those looken to playen a nintendo 64 classic on a modern system will have a bombad timen wit star wars episode 1: racer on switchen.  However, those looken per any significant updates be left wanten.  Disa  a berry straightforward port of a game from 1999.  Moteon controls  its most substantial updaten and daysa ultimately failen to impressen.  Dat been said, even da most baren bones port leaves us wit an amazen racen game wit gameplay dat has excellently stood da testen of timen
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