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I was just coming in here to say that the Clips are taking it back to LA to lose infront of the home crowd.

Neither of these teams go the distance. It's not even a matchup thing as some would expect, I just think neither team has that killer instinct to get it done.

What home crowd in LA? From what I saw in Game 5, the Clippers have so few fans that they had to place cardboard cutouts in the Staples Center stands to make the Clippers feel better.  ;)

(Yes, I know why those are actually there, but I find it amusing that those cutouts weren't in the stands in last night's Lakers game)

Well, we have our first 7 game series, as the Mavs-Clippers series continues to get more pathetic with each passing day. Neither team has won on their own home court.

Meanwhile, the Jazz will get an extra few days or rest, so I can't complain there. Apparently, Mike Conley really needed that.

The League historically does not support small market teams, making it harder for us to acquire AND keep big name talent and to get national exposure on TV. This isn't specific to Silver. It's been an issue since at least the Jordan years.
Okay, but how? Every team is under the same CBA rules. And I’ll have to look up specifics, but I believe most new CBAs introduce more rules that help small market teams such as the more punitive tiered luxury tax (used to be $1 to $1), the supermax etc.

The basic problem with the current CBA is that it strongly empowers players to the extent that it's very difficult for small market teams to pay high talent players while keeping the rest of the team competitive in regards to the salary cap. Players can also just refuse to play and demand trades to big market teams now, as was recently the case with Anthony Davis and James Harden.

As for the Supermax contracts...they may have been intended to help small market teams, but they certainly have their issues.

The league does not promote small market teams. Hell, it seems to barely even acknowledge them at times, as seen in this year's playoffs where the league had every team on TNT & ESPN for the first few games, and then small market teams got pushed onto NBA TV. There is an active push in the media for big name players on small market teams to abandon them for big market teams (especially so-called "Super Teams" like the current Nets), and the league does nothing to push against that or to prevent trades that will severely unbalance the league.

And yes, saying the Draft and Officiating are suspect at best at times is putting it lightly. The term "Superstar calls" exists for a reason.

Now we just need the Mavs to finish the Clips, and we will be on to our lowest rated playoff in probably the last decade. Adam Silver must be sweating 🤣🤣🤣
I feel like I’m missing the joke here. Why do we want low ratings/why does this matter? Did Adam Silver take someone’s mother out for a nice seafood dinner and never called her again? There are very specific reasons I’ll root against a team that normally do not carry over from season to season (e.g. Cavs 2015-2018 because #fuckDanGilbert), but the league itself? As professional basketball fans, shouldn’t we want the league to thrive?

We all have our teams we arbitrarily follow, but none of us have any real stakes in those teams, right? We don’t own stock or anything. Personally, I don’t care that much who’s in the Finals. For the season, they’re the best two teams so that’s the basketball I’m going to watch.

Can't speak for Black since he's a Warriors fan, but I can tell you that fans of Small Market teams (like myself and some friends of mine that are Pelicans fans) generally have disdain for the League Leadership. The League historically does not support small market teams, making it harder for us to acquire AND keep big name talent and to get national exposure on TV. This isn't specific to Silver. It's been an issue since at least the Jordan years.

For reasons I may go into at a later time when I'm not on a phone, let's just say that there's a reason Jazz fans are known for being so vocal and passionate about our team, so when we feel the team gets disrespected, we tend to take it somewhat personally.

The joke about Adam Silver is that just about the only teams left are our teams, the ones the League has so much indifference/borderline disdain for. The League has no choice but to give a **** about us now.

I imagine anyone playing the Nets going forward is going to be playing 5 on 8, since they will be the only Big Market team left after tonight.

I could go either way with the Mavericks/Clippers. Regardless of what happens, Luka Dončić exposed the Clippers, straight up turned them into nephews. They can’t contain one guy?! Even if the Clippers crawl out of this series, they’d get f-ing draaaaaaaaaagged by the Jazz. That said, if I was the Jazz, I wouldn’t want any of Playoff Luka’s smoke (I’d still pick the Jazz to win). I’d rather face the team that is the collective embodiment of the shrug emoji right now.

I'd rather take the Mavs, even if they are a harder match-up than the Clippers hypothetically. If there's one thing that Jazz-Memphis Game 1 should have taught the Jazz, it's that they couldn't just sleepwalk their way against an allegedly inferior opponent. Memphis gave them a bloody nose & made them work for 3 out of their 4 wins. The Mavs are similar in that Luka will give the Jazz a workout, but they're still a very beatable team.

I'd rather the Jazz get into proper playoff shape now against beatable teams that will make them work for it so they are ready and battle-tested for the likes of the Suns & the Nets later on. The Suns swept us this year, and the Nets will have the complete backing of Adam Silver's referees. The Jazz need to play better than they did in the Memphis series.

On a side note, I'm just relishing the thought of an NBA playoffs 2nd round where the Warriors; Knicks; Heat; and both LA teams have been eliminated. It would be even better if the Bucks could knock off the Nets and make it not only a small market playoffs, but one where IIRC none of the teams remaining have won a championship before. With as much disdain as the league seems to have for small market teams, I just love the idea of Adam Silver being on suicide watch with no big market teams to shill.  :P

Well, now that the Sixers, Hawks, Jazz and Nets have all completed their gentleman's sweeps, how do we see the rest of round one turning out?

Dame turned out one helluva (wasted) performance on Tuesday night.
Lebron ain't carrying the same Lakers that played Tuesday anywhere but to the nearest dumpster (aka trading block).
Mavs v Clippers really could go either way depending on which way the wind is blowing... Or the shots are falling...

Wouldn't be surprised to see a Gm7 between Clips and Mavs, and the Blazers v Nuggets.

Personally I think the Lakers are just done. Pressure too much for Kuz and the Tradeables.

Well, I guess the Clips could still win this series with the Mavs, but after watching the remainder of the game after last night's Jazz game ended, I have to say I'm not impressed with either team. The Clippers can't execute a play worth a damn, and the Mavericks can't shoot. It's just ugly basketball. I'm not convinced the Clips are going to win Game 6, not after how badly they threw away Game 5. The Mavs were score-less for, like, 5 minutes in the 4th, and they couldn't do better than draw even from a 3 possession deficit.

As for Blazers-Nuggets, the Nuggets are the better team. This could go to 7, but the Nuggets will win it in the end.

The Lakers are done if AD isn't back for Game 6 and Chris Paul's injury wasn't as bad as it looked. If it goes to 7 games, I think the Lakers probably edge out a tough win since AD will be back by then.

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Can't wait to see all those 2022 games that definitely won't be on the Switch Pro that certainly doesn't exist.

Well, I've been waiting all series for the Jazz to just annihilate the Grizzlies, and tonight that time finally came. This game was over in the 1st quarter, and the Jazz's lead grew to as much as 35 in the 3rd quarter before Memphis finally started making some shots. The Jazz move on to face the winner of the Dallas-Clippers series, and hopefully that means the Mavericks but I just don't see that happening.

I'm concerned about Conley. Snyder pulled him at half time, citing his recurring hamstring injury. I hope that was just a precaution due to not needing him when we had an (at the time) 24 point lead, and that he isn't actually hurt. Looks like he and Donovan are going to get some much-needed rest while the Dallas series sorts itself out.

Geez, Donovan Mitchell just can't miss tonight. Hell, no one can on the Jazz. They're up 75-51 at the half.

Do you think they've just a bit bitter over losing last year's series to the Nuggets after being up 3-1?  :P

For the life of me, I don't understand how Blazers-Nuggets wasn't carried by ANY major network. It's a Playoff game. I don't care that it features 2 unpopular teams. I'd rather have watched that Double OT Thriller over watching the Suns absolutely paste the rotting corpse of the Lakers.

Well, I'm not happy with that 4th quarter, but I'll take my playoff wins where I can get them as the Jazz remain 3-0 with Mitchell on the floor and now will head back to Salt Lake City to (hopefully) close out the series. I'm not making any bets there, as the Jazz have had issues with being up 3-1 in the playoffs lately.

But man, I'm concerned with the Jazz's defense. Morant and Brooks (and Melton in the 4th quarter) were getting whatever shots they wanted all night with defenders not even trying to stop them.

The Grizzlies are going to be a dangerous team in a few years when their younger guys learn how to screw up less.

What's up with NBA fans in the arena this season?

Someone dumped popcorn on Westbrooks head
another spit at Trey Young
yesterday one threw a water bottle at Kyrie
and today, some idiot was on the court during the game, and got tackled

But seeing how Embiid is out for the game.... who sees the Wizards still getting swept here?

Not today, apparently. The Wizards played Hack-A-Simmons from the 4 minute mark onward, and he did not make his free throws. Really annoying, since it delayed and then blocked me from seeing the start of tonight's Jazz game.

Nice, comfortable win tonight for the Jazz as they defeated the Grizzles 121-111. Unlike Game 2, the Grizzlies never seriously felt like they had a chance to take the win, as the Jazz led by 7-11 points pretty much all night, with the Grizzles only taking a 2 point lead late in the 4th that was immediately rebuffed by a Utah run that sealed the game.

Not much to say about the game, really. It was a relatively easy win on a bad shooting night for the Jazz.

Clarkson is killing me here. The dude's decided he only has one play, and that's running at the 3 point line and chucking up a brick. He hasn't made one yet in 5 attempts.

Wild one tonight in Utah as the Jazz escape with a 141-129 win over the Grizzlies. Yes, I know the Jazz led most of the game. I stand by that wording. The box score does not tell the story of this game, as the Grizzlies cut a 22 point lead to 3 early in the 3rd and were continually threatening to get back into the game the entire rest of the game. They only GOT into that hole because they played very stupidly in the 1st half, repeatedly fouling 3 point shooters & getting their best players off the floor in foul trouble. Outside of Royce O 'Neil & Rudy Gobert, the Jazz were just completely unable to hold back Morrant; Valenciunas; and Brookes in the 2nd half.

The Grizzlies are going to be a tough out if the Jazz can't find a way to win outside of out-shooting them, as it took historic shooting from the Jazz to put them away tonight.

I also completely stand by what I said earlier about the Jazz needing Mitchell to win this game. Despite playing limited minutes, he was absolutely instrumental in building that early lead and then responding to that huge Grizzlies run in the 3rd quarter. Most importantly, just having him on the floor allowed the Jazz to establish their usual drive-&-kick playmaking, as well as allowing Ingles & Clarkson to resume their intended roles off the bench.

On a side note, is it just me or are Refs really fond of calling flagrant fouls these Playoffs? Been seeing a lot of them in these early games so far.

I can deal with Kevin Harlan. I’m usually too distracted by whoever TNT paired with him. Nationally, Mike Breen and Doris Burke are pretty good. Most former players are not good color commentators which is baffling because they spent years playing the game at a professional level. Tell me about the defensive set or something. Why is their commentary so shallow and obvious?

I worked the better part of 2 years in Sports video games. It's both praise to the game experience & damning to the live experience that the Commentary sounds exactly as cut & paste and phoned-in across both experiences.

Anyway, Mavericks are up 2-0. I only got to watch the last five minutes or so because I was obviously watching a different game. I switched over, and the Mavericks immediately gave up an 8-0 run. LAFFO. What’s the over/under on Kawhi Leonard joining the Heat or Knicks in free agency if the Clippers drop this series?

The Clippers Organization in a nutshell:

The Lakers decided to play basketball again in the last few minutes to snag the win after pooping away a 15 point lead. The important thing is they took home court advantage. LeBron managed to hit another LeFuckYou3. MV-Payne showed up for the Suns.

For the love of all that is good, please don’t make me listen to Mark Jackson or Reggie Miller again in this series.

I can't stand Kevin Harlan, myself. He never modulates his commentary. It's always RIGHT UP HERE...5 SECONDS AFTER THE THING HE'S COMMENTING ON ACTUALLY HAPPENS.

EDIT: That podcast is an hour and 46 minutes?! Are there like 45 minutes of ads? Do they perform the H.M.S. Pinafore right in the middle there? I normally don’t listen to Lakers’ podcast over an hour. I’ll start it; no promises on listening to the whole thing. I don’t commute to work right now which was my prime podcast time.

*cough*(used to actually do a 3 hour gaming podcast)*cough*  ;)

Eh, I listen to it live at work while doing the daily grind, so I never really notice the length. There is a lot of filler talk, though, in the last 1/3 of any given episode. It's rare to find an NBA show that talks about the Jazz for more than 5 minutes, so the deep dive discussions on the team appeal to me. Naturally, with the Playoffs going on, they also talk about the other games going on that particular day, so just enjoy whatever appeals to you.

Donovan Mitchell is miraculously healed and will play tonight. Team training staff often have to save the players from themselves. Of course, they want to play because they do this for a living. There can be dire consequences when you let a player dictate their return (e.g. Kevin Durant in the 2019 Finals). That may or may not have been the case here. The Jazz just signed this guy to a five year extension last off-season that hasn’t kicked in yet, and they clearly thought they could steal one while sitting their star for another game. I mean, they almost did.

Mitchell’s relationship with the Jazz has apparently been damaged. Per ESPN’s Brian Windhorst:
I will tell you this: Donovan's relationship with the organization was damaged this week. Is it damaged to the point where it can't be repaired? I'm not saying that. Is it something that they'll get past and he'll just move on and it will just be a blip on the radar screen? Maybe. Maybe they're in The Finals in two months and who cares? Maybe they win the next four games and it's totally forgotten. But right now, Donovan is hurting. He's really hurting the way this happened.

This can only mean one thing:

Editor's note: The Jazz don't play again until tomorrow night.

Yeah, I've been hearing about this all day today, that apparently Donovan thought he was ready to play and that he was GOING to play Game 1, but the medical staff shut him down. I'm conflicted on that, as Jazz Legend Karl Malone ended his career on an injury (with the Lakers) due to him not properly taking care of himself. The Jazz need him, but if the medical staff doesn't think he's ready to play...well, I just don't want to see him come back to just lose him again in the 2nd or 3rd rounds to more serious injury.

On a side note, I'd like to plug an NBA Podcast I've taken a liking to in recent weeks: "The Monty Show". It IS a Jazz-Centric podcast, but they talk about the rest of the NBA, too. I've found it quite enjoyable.

UGH...absolutely pathetic showing from the Jazz tonight. Just no offensive playmaking whatsoever. I can't believe they had Mitchell sit this game out. Clearly, he can't sit this series out going forward.

If a couple more days will have him at 100%, why not let him sit... it's a 7 game series.
Losing the home court advantage isn't the end of the world. Especially if you win the next 2-3 and take it back.

I'm not certain the Jazz will win the next 2-3 games if they continue to be as rusty and uncoordinated on the floor as they were tonight. I know it's only a 3 point loss, but they were down by 15 at one point in the 4th. It was a disaster.

The one good takeaway from all this is that there's no way the Jazz can be as cold shooting in the next game as they were tonight. They were ice cold tonight. And Gobert has to learn again how to play without fouling.

UGH...absolutely pathetic showing from the Jazz tonight. Just no offensive playmaking whatsoever. I can't believe they had Mitchell sit this game out. Clearly, he can't sit this series out going forward.

While the Nets crushed the Celtics tonight following James Harden's miraculous (and some would say "convenient") return from resting all season by faking an injury, I found this article on good ol' King James.

It seems that the NBA's current favorite son violated the League's Health & Safety Protocols, a violation that will apparently result in no punishment whatsoever from the League because he's Lebron James.

Well, we've now had our 2nd big surprise of the Playoffs as the Mavericks stole Game 1 against the Clippers 113-103.

That's good for the Jazz. We'd much rather be playing the Mavs than the Clippers in Round 2. Plus, the Clippers organization has just been such a joke in general, historically.

1. Any team can lose one. This is exactly why I wanted the Lakers to have no part in the second play in game.

2. I get the excitement, but the prize is still a little weird. “YES! Onward to the playoffs! We get to play the Jazz……… OH NO!”

The Jazz on Sunday, provided Donovan Mitchell is good to go (and he claims that he is). We won all 3 of our games with them this year:

Wow, I can't believe the League let the Warriors be eliminated before the Playoffs even started. I expected a lot more "convenient" superstar calls than there actually were in the Warriors' favor down the stretch.

Well, congratulations, Grizzlies. May you be nowhere near successful as you come to Vivint Arena on Sunday to die.

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