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Honestly, I could care less. From the sound of the format, it feels like it was just tacked on. I enjoy single player experiences more in my games. I would care if it was online co-op but considering its on Wii U that would not be allowed to be on a Nintendo console (I'm joking). What does bother me is that the game will be the same price as the other versions. If there was a precedent set that games without MP were 40/50 dollars and then 20/10 dollars to add on the MP, I would be elated as a poor graduate student. The honest truth is barely any of my buddies have a Wii U and so I don't even have anyone online to play with. That said, I will still end up buying the game on Wii U.

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« on: July 22, 2013, 03:47:31 PM »
Is the main story mode Co-Op?

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