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General Gaming / PlayStation Classic launching in December 2018 for $100
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:26:28 AM »

So, this is a thing. $100. 20 games, including FF7, Wild ARMS, Jumping Flash, Tekken 3, & Ridge Racer Type 4.

The thing will be $100 in the US, $130 in Canada. It will include 2 NON-Dualshock controllers, and it will NOT come with an AC Adaptor, apparently learning from Nintendo not including one in the 3DS XL.

Personally, I can't say I'm interested. Most of the PS1 lineup doesn't hold up, especially if we're not getting Dualshock-era games. Not including the AC adaptor is just stupid. I wish they'd have just skipped to the PS2 Classic , what people actually want. At least with Sony doing this, you'll probably be able to actually find them.

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 53: Comedy = Tragedy + Time
« on: March 31, 2015, 03:27:51 AM »
If that's true, then this episode's going to be a laugh riot in 10 years.


Honestly, we weren't even sure if this episode would even record because of various circumstances, but we're kind of glad it did so we could get some things off our collective chest. For New Business, Stephen and Donald have both fallen down the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate rabbit hole - including the dreaded mutual hunts - and their responses are pretty much what you'd expect. Donald follows up with another New 3DS showpiece in the free trial of Ironfall Invasion, followed by a dab of payola and a cheap shot at Nintendo's future plans before getting his ink on in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. Austen finally has a chance to go off on The Order: 1886, and apparently he's the only one who bought that full freight and liked it (ed. – Weekend Confirmed Alumni Jeff Cannata & Christian Spicer have my back. :P ). After quick-ish stops with the Screamride Demo and the 2nd of Resident Evil's many Revelations, it's time for a not-for-children's card game in Hand of Fate, and the 2nd part of a long discussion of Baten Kaitos Origins (continued from 52). Warning: Here be spoilers.

For Whatcha Watchin', Donald finds out if they're doing phrasing anymore thanks to Archer Vice, while Stephen has been answering the immortal question of How The States Got Their Shapes. Amazingly, the History Channel produced something recently that doesn't involve aliens (we think). Austen reports on the horror and boredom of the 2015 Academy Awards, and also lets us in on if Tiger & Bunny fared better Rising than the Dark Knight. Finally, there are the obligatory DC/Marvel comic book TV minutes with Marvel's Agent Carter, The Flash, and The Arrow.

With the controversial release of The Order fresh in our minds, we turned the Feature towards the dilemma of determining game value in an era of steam sales, flash sales, $20 price post-launch price drops, used games, and economic recession (and yet a time when games are cheaper than ever). The Mushrooms, well, kind of summarize why quarter 1 of 2015 should be declared non-canon as soon as is humanly possible (with maybe two or three exceptions), but also why there could be hope yet for Kickstarter. Finally, we top them off with a celebration of the late, great Leonard Nimoy, who passed away the day before recording.

We promise the next episode will be much happier, especially since we'll be caught up from the backlog, so why not drop us a line so we can drive 55? You can email us (, tweet @NFRPodcast or drop it below. Until then, live long and prosper.

This podcast was recorded on February 28, and was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. Fear is their bacon bits.

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 52: I'll Pretend You Said 18
« on: March 27, 2015, 04:23:44 AM »

Last time on Nintendo Free Radio, Western 3DSs still had one analog, Telltale was the only company doing episodic adventure, and Persona 5 had no gameplay footage. Thankfully, all of those things have changed. For New Business, Stephen played a game we don't have a clean joke for in PSN flash sale victim Monster Monpiece, then threw on Strike Suit Zero in an attempt to cleanse himself. Donald went Western indie in more ways than one with Gunman Clive 2 which marked the last game he played on the 2DS, as the New 3DS arrived and there was much rejoicing (as well as Codename STEAM demo and brief Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate demo discussion). To wrap his segment, Donald gives good news about a good Nintendo system's games being playable on Wii U as he grabbed the download of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and returned to the sweet embrace of EAD Tokyo. Austen has been wasting his Wii U on a system that clearly can't stack up, but has the very void-infused Vita platformer Nihilumbra, and the clearly moneyhatted adventure game Life is Strange to fill in good game content.

After a round of Now Posted on motorcycles (you have got to be ****ting me - Ed), a brief round of Whatcha Watchin' ensues. You won't like Stephen when he's angry, but you may like Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Austen has an update on Log Horizon and extended impressions of Thundercats (2011), while Donald shows that when you need legal advice, you Better Call Saul.

The Feature this time 'round is a super-charged Lightning Round originally codenamed "Twenty Minutes of Hell". Topics include PAX South, JRPG Week, Nintendo's multimedia endeavors and somehow turning Marble Madness into a MOBA (as Mark Cerny cries out in agony). The Mushrooms include two sad farewells, a host pulling a Jeffersons and Nintendo's horrible precedents.

We'd love to hear from you on anything somewhat on topic, so drop it below, email us ( or send it to @nfrpodcast on your local fire-breathing Twitter machine. Also, if you would like a nice followup to the Wizard talk from Episode 50, the good Dr Metts recently broke down the musical career of former child star Jenny Lewis on Discover Music Project ( so plug in for an hour and a half of great music discussion.

This podcast was recorded on February 15th and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All clips and music copyright their respective owners. Yes, we’re working on catching up on the podcast backlog.

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 51: A Wizard Did It
« on: February 05, 2015, 06:35:12 PM »
Double the Editors Means Double the Power


We're very unlucky to have four+ hour recordings, but that’s nothing 50 hours  in the editing room can’t fix (the resulting mental breakdowns are a different story)!  Stephen had a light New Business due to illness, but he and Donald team up to get wiped out by the Brock Lesnar of Japanese monsters Gore Magala in the demo for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. Donald makes up for the game content by needing a revocation of his Citizens of Earth experience until a patch, so he called up a lawyer for Phoenix Wright Trilogy on 3DS. After that, the grand New Year's resolution begins with very early impressions of Tales of Symphonia HD. Austen has a double remake of his own with Resident Evil HD (PS4 which evolved from some system we don't talk about which evolved from PS1) before finally getting Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII out of his system. It's a complicated game, so it gets a good while.

Following that is the strangest Now Posted ever, and that's saying something. Listener discretion is advised.

In Whatcha Watchin', Stephen was able to recover from a nasty flu to attend the Nashville The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess concert and have a disturbing meeting with one of NWR's finest, before plowing through a lot of Fairy Tail, Parks & Recreation and the latest example of comic oversaturation, Marvel’s Agent Carter. Austen got a little TNT on with The Librarians and also tackled Log Horizon, which is basically Sword Art Online without the squick. In the interest of time, Donald had to keep it quick, but he did finish Cowboy Bebop and thanks to a Netflix miracle, saw the movie that nearly spawned M*A*S*H II, The Interview.

It's a very rare triple Feature, as discussion of the January 14 Nintendo Direct began a week of Nintendo trolling that also included the mercy killing of Club Nintendo, before a countdown of the group's Top 5 Games of 2015 that could have easily gone to 10 or even 20. The Mushrooms star the flu and international finance, but Austen can't hear the complaints over the dulcet tones of Liberi Fatali playing in his head.

We'd love to get some listener questions for the next show, so drop them below or send an email to or tweet them @NFRPodcast. Also, be sure to check out Donald pontificating about the Greatest Tank Battles on Connectivity 165 (, or check out Pocket Console ( for a massive 3DS-focused Direct writeup, Monster Hunter demo impressions, and a review of 3D After Burner II!

This podcast was recorded on January 24 and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All clips and music copyright their respective owners. Insect Glaive users are nuts.

Box in Lightning Returns with the Kingdom Hearts Insignia on It:

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 50: Send Us An Angel
« on: January 19, 2015, 02:35:33 AM »
We love Christopher Walken as Captain Hook. He's so bad.


After a long holiday away from the microphones the NFR team rings in the new year with a milestone episode that will simultaneously delight and frighten all those who hear it. For New Business, Donald opens with hardware impressions as he picked up a 2DS and can't wait for the XL to return, before completely misinterpreting a Kenny Rogers song (it's "condition", not situation) and talking about the obscene deal he got on Akiba's Trip (Vita). Stephen's New Business falls on the disappointing end for the rest of the team, as he discusses Vita Game of the Year in an absolutely insane universe Child of Light, before being somewhat disappointed in Civilization: Beyond Earth. Austen's main events feature Voltorb pinball (Pokemon Pinball Ruby/Sapphire) and, apropos of the feature, dealt with some wizard action with Frozenbyte's Trine series.

Now Posted is back, and there was much rejoicing.

Whatcha Watchin' gets off to a bit of a weird start, as Donald completely forgets the purpose of the segment, but Serial is a good enough excuse for it. Following that it's a long anime block as Donald also started Cowboy Bebop for the first time ever before handing the torch over to Stephen for the Bebop team's next work, Eureka Seven. After that, Stephen sits back and spins us all a wondrous Fairy Tale. Austen has some anime of his own - Patema Inverted, Haibane Renmei, and Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet. And even with those titles, he managed to find something weirder.

For the Feature, in honor of the 25th anniversary of both its theatrical release and the release of the thing it was created specifically to promote... as promised, we all watched The Wizard. Come hear us wax rhapsodic on the movie once guaranteed to never appear on Box Office Poison under threat of stabby, and see who is actually positive about the movie. Finally, the Mushrooms get a little out of order as the crew tries to make sense of Sony's insane pricing for everything and Ubi's continued inability to do QA.

At the end of the show, we guessed right that Iwata would cash In the Please Understand contract, so that's going to be part of Episode 51. Anything else we should include? Email us (, tweet @NFRPodcast or drop it below. Until next time, bow at Stephen getting 50k in Double Dragon.

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music/clips copyright their respective owners.

Screenshots Referred to in the episode:

NBC's Peter Pann:

Haibane Renmei:

A delayed podcast eventually releases. A bad podcast is bad forever. (Original recording date: May 18. Not kidding.)


Yes, we readily admit this episode took a loooooooooong time to edit. But we hope the content is worth the several months of baking this nearly-lost episode had. Donald's New Business begins with one of the ten best games of 2014 in Kirby Triple Deluxe, in which you can almost hear Austen considering the game. After that, Donald hits the links and finds Mario Golf World Tour to be... par for the course. Finally, Donald provides proof that yes, he did in fact play a freaking otome game in the form of Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsegumi. Stephen was heavy with the roleplaying as he got into the mix with Atelier Totori Plus, but saves most of his praise for the game that would have been his Game of the Year if it had come out a few months later, Tales of Xillia. Austen brings it to the break with the final wrapup of Final Fantasy X HD - yes, lightning was dodged - and the only old game he'd play all year that counts, Captain America: Super Soldier. Also, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is there for some reason.

In Whatcha Watchin', Donald wound his way through the byzantine requirements to bring you word of the early days of the WWE Network, while Stephen clocked in a little Adventure Time. Austen's group of shows is superheroic, as you might expect, with the BluRay releases of Spectacular Spider-Man and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

At the time of the recording, friend of the show Neal Ronaghan was getting a lot of heat for his Mario Kart 8 review - if only that would be the stupidest threat of the year. Anyway, since the plan was to have this out around the time of Mario Kart 8's release, the Feature is a look at the Mario Kart series. The Mushrooms contain change recommendations for a multi-billion dollar franchise, dancing on the grave of motion gaming... and vinyl siding? Also, a rather important medical update.

In case you missed it on the GOTY show, we're talking The Wizard soon. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie or anything connected to it, so tweet it to us @nfrpodcast, email it to or leave it below!

This podcast was edited by Austen Parkin and Donald Theriault. All music and clips are used under fair use provisions to further discussion.

Links: - Donald's "Mono Type Pokemon" project Stephen mentions

General Chat / NFR 2014 In Review: What Kind Of Year Has It Been
« on: December 24, 2014, 08:13:16 AM »
Ringing in the New Year and Holiday Cheer with Games Near and Dear


The last minute games are under the tree, the hosts are scattered to the four winds, and we leave 2014 with a collection of the best - and worst - in gaming and other televised entertainment. As always, the year-ender starts with a countdown of each host's top 5 games of the year. Did Austen put a Nintendo game in his list? Could Donald have a top 10 list without a Pokemon RPG? What in tarnation did Stephen pick? (Hint: One of his games is confirmed on sale during Christmas.) After the countdown comes some other awards, ranging from the Cluster-*ditto* Of The Year to Best Re-Game and more.

After that, we run the countdown back to 3 and tackle the year in Whatcha Watchin', which is probably the most predictable list of the night. After a brief bit of podcast year-in-review, we look back at the predictions we made on the last show and continue to live up to the guarantee: All predictions wrong or your money back. Finally, we predict our 2015 GOTYs as a lead-in to a massive prediction segment - you know it's big when even Donald is in double digits for his prediction count.

This will wrap up the year in Nintendo Free Radio, but we can proudly announce that our most prominent blank will be filled in New Year's Day, as the long-lost Episode 37 will be released. See why it's the nexus of the show in general. Also, next time we have a new episode, for our dramatic episode 50 we will be watching a movie that recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, In honor of the 25th anniversary of what it was made for... THE WIZARD. We hope you'll join us as we poison the well on the movie too hot for Box Office Poison.

This podcast was recorded on December 14 and edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All clips used under fair use provisions.

Seriously, I have no problem with ads being present on the site, but I take issue with ones that auto-play audio. In just the last 5 minutes of browsing alone, I've had 3-4 of those anti-smoking ads start LOUDLY playing (often echoing because it's playing twice on top of itself) somewhere higher up the page. It's incredibly annoying and the kind of stuff I turn adblock on for on other sites.  I realize the ads have to be there, but can you do something about the auto-play ones with audio?

On Second Thought, let’s not go to the NWR Funhouse. ‘Tis a silly place.


So we haven't had a normal show in a while, thanks to a certain trade show. And given that there's no feature, it's still not your normal edition of Nintendo Free Radio. But we sacrificed the feature at the altar of seemingly every 2014 release. Donald's shopping list for New Business: Tomodachi Life, Mario Kart 8 and Shovel Knight (with a dash of I've Got To Run and a grip of Pushmo World). Stephen hits the past with Magicka and Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, but the big one is the "alpha" of Destiny, the new Bungie joint that is going to dominate the industry for the next decade. Austen's Platinum brigade: the Vita's Sly Collection, Watch Dogs (underscore withheld until the WiiU version actually comes out), Valiant Hearts: The Great War, Murdered: Soul Suspect (RIP Airtight Games), and Mind=0.

Whatcha Watchin' returns for the first time in a LONG time, and it's turning Japanese as well - Donald (and Austen) both saw the first half of the first season of Attack on Titan, and there be spoilers for that. Stephen's Netflix queue fires away with returning chump-ion Chaos;HEAD, Blue Exorcist, and Madoka Magica - which is apparently the Spec Ops of anime? Austen completes a Psycho-Pass, throws up some bricks with the Lego Movie, and Warehouse 13 goes down in 5. Also, there's no basketball pun for Game of Thrones, so we're not trying.

After that... it's straight to the Mushrooms as we complain about Club Nintendo and Playstation Now, and someone has a double 1up. We will say no further on that subject.

The next recording is going to be episode 40, and we're doing a 2nd half preview since nothing comes out until mid-August - so we want to know the ONE game you're hyped for that's coming out the rest of this year. And yes, someone has already responded with 2015, so let us know before the next recording July 13! Email it to, send it to the guys on Twitter (@donaldmick, @cericme and @broodwars64) or leave it in the comments below!

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music and clips are used under fair use and for discussion purposes only.

90% of the industry once again comes out next February. We apologize for the inconvenience, but not for the snark.

Download (Time: 3:20:30)

There's a Great Big Beautiful 2015...Shining at the end of these Delays! In a year where the industry has collectively decided to let us all focus on the backlog, there are still a few games announced at E3 that managed to turn heads in a sea of violence and delays. The NFR team, in various states of readiness, looks back at the various press conferences in heavy detail and tries to read the tea leaves about what's going to happen. Grades are handed out - and does anyone get an F, or worse?

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault, Stephen Shook, and Austen Parkin. All music contained is used under provisions of fair use.

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 32: Mechs On Five Dollars A Day
« on: April 02, 2014, 09:24:41 AM »
From the First World Problems Department, there were WAY too many games in February 2014!


Editors Note: This is the first of two recent NFR episodes that have been stuck in the editing backlog. The other should be out within the next week or so.

We're warning you up front: There's a lot of games up in this here episode, and the oldest one we cover is a little over six months old. Stephen opens the bidding in New Business with Level 5's rhythm comedy 3DS game Weapon De Omasse Shop, which will no doubt be on sale in an eShop near you shortly, then blasts away our expectations for Killzone Mercenary and finishes by Russian into the PS4 version of Strider. Although nobody asked for Donald's list, he takes Deus Ex: Human Revolution (WiiU) for a spin before tackling Bravely Default and recommending one character in particular for a good booting. To finish, Donald goes ape over Retro's greatest game ever [citation needed], Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropcial Freeze. Austen gets his inner vampire on with Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, revisits his old friend Elle in The Last of Us: Left Behind, and takes Donald to trial for not playing enough Danganronpa.

After a brisk visit to the forums for Now Posted, the group calls an audible to try and finish the show quickly so Stephen blasts through a considerable Whatcha Watchin' list that includes the following: The incredibly redundant Legend of Legendary Heroes, Kenchi: Mightiest Disciple, Kaze no Stigma, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, House of Cards (S2), The Lego Movie and an Olympic update. Donald shows off a wrestling show you DON'T want to end up on with Botchamania, and plays the role of Oracle of Delphox as a critical eye is cast upon the Mankeys in Twitch Plays Pokemon. Austen has a brief stop at Steins;Gate sequel Robotics;Notes, in which you can apparently build a walking mecha for US$10,000. Find out how on this podcast.

Listener Mail had to be reduced for time considerations, but the crew does present advice to a listener in Germany who lacks console experience and wants to try Chrono Trigger, as well as looks at their history with PC gaming. Finally, the Mushrooms call out Nintendo, Spike Chunsoft, Sony and Namco and we dare you to guess which one ends up with the 1up from that group.

We still want to hear from you, so send any feature ideas, feedback and fun to or leave it in the comments below. Also, Donald didn't completely ruin a recent episode of Radio Free Nintendo ( so be sure to listen to that when you're done if you haven't already!

This episode was produced by Austen Parkin, Stephen Shook and Donald Theriault. All music is used for discussion purposes under Fair Use provisions. Praise be unto Helix. And yes, we know this episode was extraordinarily late.

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 30: Because Japan
« on: February 14, 2014, 03:26:09 PM »
Ecchi, grinding and tanuki – just another episode from the Land of the Rising Sun


As the post-Christmas game drought begins to wind down, let Nintendo Free Radio be your guide through the perils of this little industry of ours. Stephen leads off New Business with impressions of the game that unleashed Kickstarter on the world, Broken Age before getting his cheap tower defense on in PixelJunk Monsters HD… and given his television preferences, it’s no surprise that he also picked up eShop food service sim Brunch Panic. Donald, having only now gotten over a long cold, had no choice but to see… Dr. Luigi! Also, he attempts to make Austen sick by talking Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on behalf of the Anti-Social Gamers of North America. Austen counters with the power of broken street dates with Tomb Raider: Enhanced Edition and folklore by looking at the DLC for Muramasa Rebirth before wrapping with impressions of the FF XIII: Lightning Returns demo that include some content that may have jacked up the ESRB rating.

Following the insanity and possible quality content of Now Posted, Donald opens Whatcha Watchin’ with a Price is Right episode that hits a little close to home for one member of the team, followed by a trip to the Danger Zone with Archer. Stephen demonstrates the danger of letting Netflix pick anime for you as he hits in sequence Welcome to the NHK, Heaven’s Lost Property and Okami-san And Her Seven Companions, while Austen knocks Clannad, Good Luck Girl! and Hunger Games: Catching Fire off the backlog.

This time around, the Feature is the impending tidal wave of games that will both amaze and bankrupt you. The crew gives predictions for what will actually sell and what will end up in a bomba bin by Memorial Day, and someone has apparently developed an immunity to the stupid naming conventions of the Atelier series. In the Mushrooms we mourn the passing of Justin “JewWario” Carmichael and net neutrality, among other topics.

Want us to discuss something on the show? Have an idea about just what the hell a “quality of life” platform is? We want to hear it! Send it to or leave it below. Until next time, be sure to keep coming for more episodes (PHRASING – Ed).

Editor's Note: My Apologies for the late episode. It's been a rough last few weeks.

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music is used under fair use provisions. Rod Roddy only did a half-spin in his grave.

Show Links: - Additional discussion on Welcome to the NHK - Donald’s side project

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 29: Bovine University
« on: January 22, 2014, 10:57:05 PM »
Listener discretion is advised. This episode may not be safe for your sanity.


Hot off a holiday break and fresh from "The Happiest Petri Dish on Earth", it's Nintendo Free Radio's first recorded episode of 2014. And we have a big release right out of the hopper in New Business, as Donald recounts his experience with Disaster: Day of Crisis before heading into his comfort zone with the demo for Square/Nintendo's upcoming life-destroying RPG Bravely Default. Stephen had some more time to play over the holidays, so his card is filled with Pac-Man's Ghostly Adventure (bad cartoon opening warning), the closest thing you'll ever see to F-Zero in this decade with the Vita's Wipeout 2048, and gets his platforming  on with Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. A side discussion of DGOTY Super Mario 3D World is also there, with a stunning character reveal. Austen brings it home with final thoughts on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, the PSP (yes, they still make those) visual novel Sweet Fuse... and a game so horrible and awful it had Donald spamming the "drop cow" button. We're not going to spoil it here except to say it has come up on extremely early episodes of the show and never fails to bring the house down. Or in this case, the beef.

Whatcha Watchin'  is pretty packed for just a 2/3 activity rate, as Stephen gets his explosion on in Mythbusters, updates us on life in the bakery with Cake Boss and goes north of the border with Lost Girl. Austen, ever the Disney fan, looks at a fanciful version of the development of a Disney classic with Saving Mr Banks, gets some OK advice from an unlikely source for Pushing Daisies and finishes in an elementary fashion with British import Sherlock (no major S3 spoilers, but 1-2 are fair game.)

With a new year comes the need to clear out the inbox, and so we have some Listener Mail. First is a listener who you may know from the telethon, Donald knows personally, and who could one day become our Tony Reali. As well, we play Gaming Hot Stove in this apparent off-season for releases and send games to developers who might treat them right. Finally, the Mushrooms feature love for a key video feature and a hack for avoiding massive photography charges should you ever have to go to the aforementioned petri dish.

The inbox is empty, so would you kindly email with what you'd like to talk about?

This podcast was edited by Donald Theriault and Austen Parkin. All music in this episode is the property of its owner and used under Fair Use protection.

ARE YOU CHAOS? / Stuff that has nothing to do with the Title Wipe Thread!
« on: January 18, 2014, 01:31:08 PM »
*eyes his new title*

Really, guys? Just...REALLY?  ::)

Team NFR counts down their top 5 games of 2013, and other bits of history!


The moment you've all been waiting for a whole year has arrived!  It's time for the real lists of Game of the Year!  Accept no low Calorie substitutes.  Surely you'll find something to agree with as Donald, Austen, and Stephen get together over the holidays - literally, for the first two - and record a glowing tribute to their favorite games of the year. Did Austen's list have a game not on a Sony platform on it? Why did Donald bring a lightsaber to the recording? How is babby formed? Did Stephen give a #1 this time? WAS THIS THE REAL REASON FOR THE POLAR VORTEX?  Most of those questions are answered early and then we couldn't help ourselves  and went Beyond the Top 5.

The second segment keeps the traditional order, but with an end-of-year twist as the group gives Whatcha Watchin' the top 5 treatment. Be amazed at what movie ranks ahead of a Peter Jackson epic. In the Feature slot, we mock and discuss our own Predictions for 2013 and stick our necks on the line for 2014. Finally, the Mushrooms round out the year on an odd note with eShops crashing and a free drink for those playing the NFR drinking game.

2014 is on its way, and we arrogate what you puny fleshlin... I mean Listeners want us to talk about in this new 2014 NFR Reign - so send your listener mail to or leave it right here.

This show was edited by Austen Parkin. All music used is under Fair Use Protection. And go buy the Frozen Soundtrack before we're forced to sic the Mattricks on you!

(What's the deal with Sand Guys wearing speedos, anyway? Fix this)


So you might have heard that some games actually came out recently, and of course Nintendo Free Radio has returned to discuss EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Stephen fires the opening New Business salvo with the newest adventure/octopus collection game, The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds. Is it more Link to the Past or Majora's... Wand of Gameleon? On the November 22 tip, Donald chooses to lead with the other big Nintendo release that racked up critical acclaim, Super Mario 3D World - truly the perfect capper for this Year of Luigi. Austen, sick of the Nintendo love-in, discusses the creative 3D Vita platformer Tearaway and the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed IV - as well as a shocking, big money purchase that will blow your mind.

Following up from an extra large, action packed Now Posted, Whatcha Watchin' starts with a historic look back at the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and the cyborg action of Fox's Almost Human from Stephen. Donald gets GROOVY~ with the best thing to ever come out of Earthworm Jim, and Austen watched #VGX and lived to tell the tale. We don't know why either.

After much debate on its release date, release, and teasing of its discussion, the crew finally gets around to talking about Earthbound in the Feature Discussion. When you've got a writer of the most redundant strategy guide in history, a person who doesn't like being nagged about his playtime and someone who spent most of the game getting raked over the coals by the RNG, the fur and threats against developers will fly. In the Mushrooms, we talk scheduling, bad Youtube videos, and Donald quotes noted modern philosopher Phil Brooks.

Due to host travel and general timing, our next recording will be the 2013 Game of the Year show - and we definitely want to hear from you! Send your top 5 lists of games that released in your region to to have them used on the show. Also, that show will feature something historic - but nobody will be Regulating. (We leave that to the big show.)

This show was edited by Austen Parkin. All music used is under Fair Use protection. Say Fuzzy Pickles!

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio 25: Lights Of Death
« on: October 24, 2013, 10:06:11 AM »
We come not to bury the 360 and PS3... well, most of us, anyway.


Hur-RAY, hur-RAY, hur-RAY, step right up and get your Nintendo Free Radio on for the 25th time! (Not actually the 25th episode, but who's counting?) New Business sees Stephen step up for the casuals with a couple of things the others wouldn't touch with a 39.5 foot pole: Windows Phone word game Wordament and Blizzard's new children's card... er, trading card game, Hearthstone. You might have heard of Donald's New Business, since it's the two biggest Nintendo releases of the year to date: Pokemon X (now with live trolling of Kentuckians!) and Wind Waker HD. Austen wraps with PSN's recent downloadable thriller Rain, proves that playing Lost Planet 3 is going beyond the impossible, and finishes with yet another dose of Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls.

Now Posted got intentionally shortened to allow maximum time for Whatcha Watch'n. Stephen gets a little theatrical with Potted Potter and puts MasterChef through several dryer cycles to shrink it down to MasterChef Junior before talking Donald off the ledge over Revolutionary Girl Utena. Austen gives a quick update on Beware the Batman and goes a few episodes into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, but buckle up for extended, spoilery discussions of Transformers Prime now that the show has wrapped with the release of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising.

For the Feature this time around, we're well aware that there's less than a month until the PS3 and 360 get taken out back and Old Yellered. As such, we look back at our memories of HD goodness and give you some recommendations for games you might have missed - as well as the warts. The Mushrooms bring us in for a landing with musings on a state's bad luck, the usual tribute of a common punching bag, and someone mentioning Beautiful Unique Sparkleponies (not Stephen).

Did we miss a game in the HD discussion? Want to help Donald through therapy? Let us know in the comments below or send us an email!

This podcast was edited by Austen Parkin, Stephen Shook and Donald Theriault. All clips and music used under fair use rights and for discussion purposes only.

Editor's Note: Apologies for the delay in posting this episode, but when you see just how many resources are in this episode, you'll understand why that happened.

General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio Episode 20: Have Fun, Kids!
« on: July 23, 2013, 09:18:21 PM »
Aslyums, Borderlands, Sharknadoes and Other Disasters


As far as podcasts go, this is a short one - but one packed full of juicy content. New Business is inaugurated by Donald's jumping headlong into the Open World insanity of Saints Row The Third, a land where Havok physics are abused beyond recognition. Scared witless by this, he then retreats to the relative safety of 2013's most massive crossover, Project Cross (or X) Zone, a game that doesn't attempt to live up to Fire Emblem but will inevitably draw comparisons. Austen is buried under piles of editing and guns in Gearbox's Borderlands 2, a game that is almost worth getting sued over. Stephen wraps the segment with the g-d Batman in Batman: Arkham Aslyum before closing with some harsh words for former Retroactive winner Metroid II: Return of Samus.

After an actually informative Now Posted segment, Whatcha Watchin' is even more massive than before. Donald has former and current reality shows in WWE NXT and MasterChef, before bringing us the movie event of 2013... Sharknado. Austen has some caped crusader action of his own with the Beware the Batman premier, as well as one hell of an action packed double feature with White House Down and Guillermo del Toro's love letter to mecha anime, Pacific Rim. Stephen gets a little animated near the end as he and Austen tear into Despicable Me 2.

In the Feature Discussion, the Lightning Round boomerangs its way back into the conversation, with topics hitting all three console manufacturers and PC as well as general gaming trends. Subjects such as incompetent PR, zombies, and the effect of Playstation Plus beyond giving people lots of free games are put under the five-minute microscope. A melancholy set of Mushrooms brings the show to a close with reflections on the passing of Ryan Davis, as well as tanking in sports and bad computers.

Next show will mark one year since we started Nintendo Free Radio, and we couldn't do it without the knowledge that you're listening - so drop us an email, will ya? The address is, and here's something to chew on - what's your most anticipated game coming out before the end of the year and why?

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General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio Episode 19: History Will Be Made
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Whether it's our longest show since the first one or actual Listener Mail, the apocalypse is nigh


Radio Free Nintendo might've taken the weekend off, but that just means you can listen to NFR if your ears stopped ringing from the fireworks (North America only).

First off is New Business, and make no bones about it - this one is Xbone-sized. We've got: Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, The Last of Us, Remember Me, Metroid Other M, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Thomas Was Alone, Runner 2, New Super Luigi U and KERSPLOOSH! It's so many games we had to forego the puns to keep the show post under a page!

After Now Posted makes you question your own sanity, Whatcha Watchin goes even farther down the rabbit hole with Stephen's menagerie of Continuum, Scooby Doo Mystery Inc., the Penny Arcade Strip Search (not what you're thinking)… and Equestria Girls (it might be what your thinking). Donald, a known fan of monsters, steps up to Monster and ponders its Del Toro-fueled fate, while Austen beams into Star Trek Into (or is it into? Wikipedia's not clear) Darkness and a whole mess of animated BluRays.

In a very special Double Feature, the crew is forced to confront what brought them together while pondering the listener question of "Why do you play Nintendo games"? After that, E3 is tackled one more time a few weeks out, as they look back at the Xbone's 180 and wonder if gamers have an advocate anymore. A fresh crop of Mushrooms ends the marathon with more Bethesda trouble (Donald's article is here:, Stephen's musical talent, and an ice cold NBA Draft.

Steps will be taken to ensure shorter shows - but if you'd like to combat those plans, why not drop us an email? Send it to - and until next time, watch out for that mutagen!

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General Chat / Nintendo Free Radio: E3 Tease
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We're Recording about E3. What could go Wrong?


So everyone here at Nintendo Free Radio wanted to get in on the E3 Action.  So we did. And we did it Raw for that authentic feel.  To make it more Authentic we even... *Power outage*

Editor's Note: This podcast covers the Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft Press Conferences, and is a very Short-cast. Sony and Nintendo will be in the more traditional show we're recording on Saturday with some special guests. There was originally more in this episode but...*Internet goes down*

It's E3 hype time! But first, games!


Get in, sit down, and hold on - it's an extra-large even by our standards edition of Nintendo Free Radio, and we're joined by special guest/banhammer wielder JP Corboran! JP throws out the first pitch in New Business with the only good baseball series since Ken Griffey went to Cincy, MLB The Show 13 in varieties both standard and Vita. He then hops over to the WiiU with the eShop exclusive Kung Fu Rabbit, and you carrot believe what the panel thinks about bringing an iOS game to the WiiU. JP closes out with a game that's been a bone of contention for us in the past, Metroid Prime  - only this time, the opinions might actually be positive! Nevertheless, Stephen then kicks it old school with the original explorative platformer, Super Metroid. Run, don't crawl to check out this review.

Austen threatened/promised something at the end of 17, but first he talks about the other, other Bionic Commando game on PS3 (the 2009, retail, insert-nasty-spoiler-here version) and since it's Austen we have the whole Vita playing Population, we have to talk a AAA Vita game in the form of Soul Sacrifice. But of course, you came for his thoughts on Swery's wacky, barely playable drama Deadly Premonition, in which a noted reviewer and commentator is recommended for drug testing. Finally, it's (reference deleted due to Nintendo copyright) as Donald has the newest game of the bunch, Donkey Kong Country Returns (IN 3-D!) Is he going ape, or are the controls still funky like a monkey?

As usual, Now Posted brings its own brand of insanity before we dive into the realm of Whatcha Watchin'. JP learns the joys of people who have never been in Donald's kitchen during a marathon of Cheers, while Stephen brings the odd assortment of Cold Diggers, Doctor Who (sadly, Hugh Laurie will *not* be the 12th Doctor), Ben 10 and Tron Uprising. Austen has a follow-up on Tiger & Bunny, as well as a series from the Steins;Gate producers with just as many grammatical (and otherwise) atrocities - Chaos;HEAd. No, that is not a typo (back off, Clippy).

You might notice that Donald's not in the last paragraph, largely for editing-related reasons, but that's also because the only thing he watched was the Xbox One (hereafter referred to as the Xbone) reveal, which provides a handy springboard to the Feature and we look ahead to E3. What will the fate of the Xbone and PS4 be, and what can Nintendo do to stem the tide? Plus, special advice from JP, who had the advantage of actually attending the show and providing some tips for those of you attempting to sneak into the LACC this year. Finally, the Mushrooms hate on the future of humanity, meeting software and spam filters before JP provides news to pull us all from the Darkest Timeline.

We hope to have a show up for the end of E3 week looking at the press conferences and a regular show shortly after. Until next time, say hi to NORM~ for us.

This podcast was edited by Austen Parkin, Donald Theriault and Stephen Shook. All music contained within is used under Fair Use protection. The people responsible for screwing up JP Corboran's audio have been sacked. Please understand.

… is that any Virtual Console discussion is too much


After a heavy round of news (not to mention editing), Nintendo Free Radio is back on the air and ready to pour hot gaming knowledge into your brains. A somewhat abbreviated New Business features Donald tackling two major 2011 games that could not be more different from each other - From Software's vicious RPG/masochism simulator Dark Souls (now without online trolls) and one of the original 3DS killer apps, Super Mario 3D Land. After that, it's a tag team match as Stephen and Austen form a parejas incredible to deal with the explorative platforming action of Guacamelee, both PS3 and Vita versions. Austen wraps with a game that attempts to do to the gaming industry what Airplane! did for disaster movies - does Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard reach its lofty goal, or do we have a Seltzer/Friedberg film on the horizon?

In Whatcha Watchin', the theme this week is superheroes, as Austen and Stephen explore Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Ultimate Spider-Man, while Donald investigates the financial troubles of the Fantastic Four in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy. Look for cameos from the Lannisters, Transformers Prime and Swamp Loggers as well. Yes, really.

The Feature Discussion originally was going to be a recap of the April 17 Nintendo Direct, but one announcement sent the segment spiraling into discussion of the merits of Earthbound and a look at the status of the WiiU after its fifth NPDs (note: This show was recorded before the Nintendo financials and announcement of their non-traditional E3 presentation). We bring it home with Mushrooms ranging from concerts to the end of droughts to the end of an American institution.

We still want to hear from you - who's going to be proven totally wrong about Earthbound? Send your predictions and anything else you want us to tackle to or even leave them in the comments here. Until next time, say... FUZZY PICKLES!!

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New format for New Business on a bunch of new games


Hot off the internet presses comes the 15th round of hilarity from the world of Nintendo Free Radio. In the name of shaking things up, New Business has some pre-recorded thoughts from the team before a Q&A round. Donald opens the bidding with the 3DS rhythm platformer HarmoKnight (a final aftershock of the combo) and dodges flying matchsticks with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, while Stephen loads up on the March multiplayer hits with Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (WiiU). Austen wraps up with spoiler-free thoughts on the latest game everyone's Irrationally excited for: Bioshock Infinite  - a game that may be better served in a different genre - before going old school with Alone In the Dark: Inferno.

After the usual round of insanity Now Posted at the NWR forums, Whatcha Watchin' prevents plenty of animated violence for your edification. Donald has been working his way through the complete original animated run of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Stephen fought off the slice of the Witchblade, and Austen wrapped up Shakugan no Shana and took on the thrill ride of Deadman Wonderland.

The Feature Discussion doesn't have a full subject, but there were enough for a segment legally distinct from the classic Four Minute Warning format. Topics for discussion include CEO sackings, generational length, and just what a "Game of the Fiscal Year" list would look like. As usual, the show wraps with the Mushrooms, featuring someone giving both mushrooms to the same company. Who gets to drink from the firehose? You'll have to listen to find out.

We definitely want to hear from you in case we have to try our non-unionized Four Minute Warning equivalent again, or any other questions/discussion topics: send them to We'll see you again soon, but until then, beware the Snake of the Festival.

This podcast was edited by Austen Parkin. All music used in this episode is under Fair Use protection.

Better late than never, the Nintendo Free Radio team lives up to their name and tackles the Playstation 4 launch announcement!


In the proud tradition of Wii U, team NFR recorded a special episode shortly after the February 20 Sony press event. And neither sleet, nor snow, nor lack of an actual box will stop the madness. Will the sharing features carry the day, or is a PS Kinect enough to shred the urge to buy the system? And will the lack of backwards compatibility prevent NFR's Playstation MVP from buying it? Answers to all of these questions, as well as the number of polygons in a soul (or at least a floating old guy's head), await on this NFR special.

This podcast was edited by Stephen Shook. All music contained within is used under Fair Use provisions.

You want us to talk about used games when Iwata's going on camera with a Luigi hat on?

Download Link

The best laid plans of mice and men have led to the 13th episode of Nintendo Free Radio. Donald opens New Business with his own The Last Story impressions. No bananas were used, but it's the closest thing  you'll get to a Final Fantasy in "HD" for a while. Next, the long string of questionably-legal fan remakes of Nintendo properties in Canada continues with the free-to-play rhythm game OSU! (relax folks, we're running out of Killer Instinct combo descriptors) before Donald wraps with the game Halbred was created for, Atlus's 3DS brawler Code of Princess. Stephen takes over with an extended look at the PS3's biggest exclusive JRPG in a long time, the controversial (in more ways than one) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, before Austen wraps with Ubisoft's other late 2012 FPS Far Cry 3 and the final version of Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time. Beware the figure skating bearrorists from the 'Hood. No, we're not making that last part up.

Since there's actual content to talk about, Now Posted returns from a brief hiatus leading into Whatcha Watchin'. Donald has an actual GOOD network comedy to talk about as he attends the most messed-up school Netflix has to offer (Community), while Stephen gets a little political with House of Cards and a Star Trek: The Next Generation update. Austen is, as usual, animate-y and totally insane-y with the LONG-awaited Animaniacs v. 4 and Duck Tales: Treasure of the Lost Lamp DVDs.

The original plan for the week's Feature Discussion was some waffling about what would happen with  used games on the PS4 and whatever-the-next-Xbox-is, but then Nintendo launched a blue shell into those plans with the 3DS Nintendo Direct. Needless to say, this could not go by without discussion. Are you ready to hear us wax on about the "Ear of Weegee"? After that, jump back in time to the Mushrooms for an extended discussion of the Rayman Legends delay (this was before the April demo was announced), as well as congratulations to a couple of groups that don't always get love from the panel.

We'd love to hear some feedback, so don't be afraid to send us an email at or leave a comment on the Talkback!

Editor's Note: Our apologies for the notable delay in this episode's release. We ran into some unavoidable issues in the editing process, but hey would you expect anything less of a 13th episode?  We hope you enjoy it regardless, as well as the other NFR episode currently in the same pipeline that we hope to release in the near future. :D

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