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NBA Thread: Brought To You By The Tampa Bay Raptors Of Toronto

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Oh my goodness we finally got another win against the Nets and it was a team effort.  Lots of taking time setting up and making the right play each time down the court. 

Next game is versus the Pistons on Friday and possible Schroeder, Thomas Bryant and LBJ back then maybe.  See what happens at that time.

It's official.... Warriors Defense is BROKEN

Poole is a Home Court Warrior and/or can't play if Klay is on the court

Klay is a shell of his former self

Draymond.... I just assume can't do it by himself, and shows why he would have little value on any other team that didn't involve a prime Splash Bro-like combo

JMG.... bench him please.
DDV.... could be better

Honestly if it wasn't for Wiggins and Looney, Curry was pretty much out there doing it by himself.
Don't look at the Box score and say "well, Klay had 20...." Klay missing so many key shots, it's literally taking us out of games.
Turnovers are out of control.
Rebounds are something we really don't seem to try for... especially on offense, and it would LITERALLY make the whole difference in the game, just from an effort stand point, but just a few 2nd or 3rd chance opportunities could have put us in position to win this game.

It really is a shame that Wiseman seems to be a bust so far, and had to be sent down to the G league for looking lost on the court, slipping screens before even setting them, and just not being where he needed to be at practically any point while he was on the floor.

Curry put on a show tonight though with 50 points in a 13 point loss.
But Curry could've went for 60 or 70, but it don't matter if we can't stop the other team from scoring practically every time they bring the ball down the court.

Kerr needs to fix this mess. We don't have time for all this.
0-7 or 0-8 on the road. ridiculous.

I'm looking at the Box Score, and How the **** is JMG (the dude who should've been benched) have the higherst+/- on the team at +7 and somehow, the man that had almost HALF of the teams points, and the ONLY reason we weren't completely blown tf out, Stephen Wardel Curry, have a -14!!?

that makes no sense to me.

Dray held a meeting, and held everyone accountable for where they needed to be held accountable.

Klay took it to heart, and stop taking terrible shots and trying to force everything to be something he never was. Now Klay has found his stroke, and is looking like who he used to be.... on offense at least.
Defense is that bad, but not quite the level where he used to be.

Kerr finally appeared to have fixed the lineups, and keeping at least 2 starters on the floor for most of the game is a must. It should've have taken this long to figure that out, but honestly, Klay fixing his bullshit helped bring us to this point. Poole running point w/ 4 other people that don't know the system wasn't working.... and Poole has a other issues to work out, like STOP CARRYING THE BALL for one... but other things as well.

Now if can continue to tighten up on D, and actually try to rebound on offense... or just hang out in where you were standing in the halfcourt, where the ball would've naturally came to you, we can turn this season around and get in playoff position.

Once we work out these kinks.... maybe we'll be ready to bring Wiseman back in for the back 1/3rd of the season so he's Playoff/Play-In ready. LOL

broodwars: about those last 13.3 seconds in last night's Warriors-Jazz game?  ;)

I've watched that Clarkson sequence in the last 30 seconds, and I still don't understand what the Flagrant 2 was for. Sure, Technical him up if you want to toss him from the game for trying to start a fight, but I can't see any "unnecessary contact above the shoulders" with him wrapping up a player from behind to stop the clock.

Well... I think it should've maybe been a Flagrant 1.

Warriors get the FT and the ball... F2 was excessive. Wasn't expecting that.
He did kind of aggressively swing his arm against his head in an attempt to wrap him up and kinda yanked him back, and I think that's the part that might've been "excessive"

His squaring up though was funny.

As for that last sequence.... I'm not sure what to say.
Poole was karate chopped and then tackled. and this happened right in front of the Ref, yet no whistle. Even if the chop was all ball, the Olynyk tackle was a loose ball foul.

Regardless of all that, the loss once again came down to Klay and his terrible shot taking (constant 3 hunting and side fading shot selection), terrible shot not making (missing at least 4 layups.... 2 of them barely contested, 1 was fast break), and then the lack of perimeter defense in the end.
He just straight up left his assignment, their 3 point shooter... on the 3 point line, to casually not even challenge the ball at the rim, and leaving their 3pt shooter wide open to bring the Jazz within 1 point.

flip back around to the swallowed whistle at the end and the easy layup, and that was game.

Wiseman back to the G league indefinitely.
Not sure what's so hard about setting a screen, you know, making actual contact with the defender, before slipping the screen to look for a pass in the middle. Had you actually set the screen, the ball handler might've drawn enough attention to get Wiseman open in the middle, but he's just out there going through the motions like a non-contact practice session.
If he don't figure it out soon... and get aggressive about it, we won't see him again. Wasted #2 pick.
we don't have the time to develop him so slowly, so he needs to go to a team like the Pistons, Spurs, Magic, or Rockets so he can play through his learning curve.

On a positive note Kuminga was great!!
He is good on D, he's aggressive on offense, and he should have been starting over Ty Jerome in Draymond's spot.
I actually think Ty Jerome and LaMychal Green both got in before Kuminga, and that just needs to stop.

So I actually put this loss mostly on Klay, but Kerr is the #2 reason for most of these losses with these rotational lineups that should be figured out already.


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