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I really don't get the Nets firing Steve Nash. It certainly wasn't his fault that Durant's custom-made Superteam bombed. Durant was constantly injured; Harden was out of shape; and Irving/Simmons were useless. And replacing him with the guy fired from the Celtics for having an affair with the staff (and who knows what else)? Yeah...yikes.

Incidentally, the Jazz are doing surprisingly well so far, though I'm curious how long this honeymoon period is going to last. It's increasingly looking like we got a real steal out of the Gobert trade, since he's been next to useless on their team. Meanwhile, Malik Beasley, PWalker Kessler, and Jarred Vanderbil have been huge for us. It's looking so far like we might have broken even on the Mitchell trade, as Collin Sexton and Lauri Markkanen have been outstanding so far.

Still not a fan of that Bogdanovic trade, despite how well Kelly Olynyk has played so far. That still feels like a trade Ainge made because he owed someone in Detroit's head office a favor.

Looks like Russ is playing well off the bench.

In two games he has been the engine off the bench and setting up others.

Nets.... Kyrie and self-sabotage... Coaching Drama Nash Fired - Ime Udoka to be hired!?

I don't really know what Kyrie is thinking, but he just cost himself a stupid amount of money for "truth" as he'd like to put it. I don't know the facts behind what was said, and what was offensive, as I don't pay no attention to what Kyrie (or Kanye) have to say about anything. BUt either just shut up about it, or apologize and then shut up about it. Dude gonna talk himself out of a lucrative career in the NBA.

As for the Nets and their coaching.... I say **** it. just hire Udoka. Who cares about the blow back. Nets ain't gonna suddenly just get it together, might as well weather the storm and get a coach that could possibly get you there.... or wait till December and hire him? I don't know. Who would be a good fit for them?

Rumor has it that Lakers could be looking to move AD....
Lakers w/ Westbrook of the bench leading the B team, works better (but still broken)?

Saw a tweet about a possible AD on the block.... but who's bailing the Lakers out for an always injured or looks like about to be injured AD? and for what exactly? What would the Lakers wants, and realistically expect to get back for him?

And WB leading the B squad seems to be working out much better for him... but Lebron, having just looked at stats and not really watching the games, has been in a major slump this season. Lakers ain't going no where if Lebron isn't performing at peak. I know he old now... but he is still a presence, and needs to find his shot again.

Today has ALL 30 Teams playing, each game tipping off 15 minutes after the next. (Because Election Day is tomorrow.... also a Blood Moon Eclispse tonight... just a coincidence!? who know)

Not sure if I'm gonna be able to follow all the games tonight. Does NBA TV have a Highlight Zone (like NFL RedZone) where you can be watching one game, but also getting highlights from other games? at some point... I think there will be around 12 games on at the same time... that's a lot to follow

Kyrie honestly would've been fine had he just apologized and deleted the tweet. Instead, he acted like the biggest ass hat imaginable. So much of that story could've easily been avoided. But at least it somehow led to several people making fun of Royce White on twitter.

Curry ain't quite having a Luka season, but this man is literally having to just DO IT HIMSELF.

Warriors bench is just absolute trash....
Wiseman ain't getting it done. that's why he probably didn't play last night.
Poole got paid and...... where the **** did he go? Did he drown in his own poole party?
Kuminga... I still believe in Kumbucket (LOL) but he just gotta get more play time

the bench as a whole was all negative.
If Curry didn't go Super Saiyan, we were gonna lose to the damn Kings....
I dont' care how much the Kings may have improved this season.... we cannot be exerting this much energy to barely beat the Kings this early in the season, and expect to repeat this year.

But at least we got the win.


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