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--- Quote from: Adrock on September 21, 2022, 12:56:43 AM ---Me rooting for Pat Bev:

Saw a rumor that the Suns are trying to trade Jae Crowder for Bojan Bogdanović. Resident Jazz fan, thoughts?

--- End quote ---

That's an upgrade for the Suns, though not a huge one. You're trading a guy who will fight in the paint for rebounds and can shoot a 3 for a guy who can drive to the basket and hit a 3 better but has way less energy. Crowder's a guy I wished we could have kept around the last few years since we really needed a high energy guy who will fight in the paint (a "junkyard dog", if you will). I'm not sure you want to give that energy up just for a guy who has better stats. Still, Bogey would probably get the ball more as a Sun than he ever got as a Jazzman.

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The Jazz have traded Bogey to Detroit in exchange for trash, inexplicably. Sounds like a salary dump.

Celtics Coach Suspended for 1 Year

If anyone hasn't been following, Woj tweeted that Ime Udoka was facing a suspension for some unknown reason. It was later revealed that he had a consensual relationship with a female employee who has not been named. Early reports said his job status was not in jeopardy. He's confirmed to be suspended for one year after the Celtics completed a months-long investigation. He is currently engaged to actress Nia Long.

I've had a particularly busy work week so far so I just now checked some NBA news. Turns out the Nets:

-Still haven't done anything about Kyrie-being-Kyrie®, now with a Salt Bae sprinkle of anti-semitism, apparently
-"Mutually parted ways with Steve Nash"
-*adjusts glasses* Hired Ime Udoka

On that last bit, there was a perfectly good and capable Quin Snyder like right there yet Tsai and Marks picked one of the most controversial figures from the off-season to coach this team. Good coach, sure, but y'all really want to do this right now with everything else going on? To be fair, I can imagine Snyder looking at that dumpster fire and just:


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