Author Topic: Episode 320: Absolute Confidence in Nintendo and the Internet  (Read 494 times)

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Because their record is flawless so far.

Neal gives his impressions of Switch Sports prior to its online functionality clicking on. He's holding off on scoring the game until he can play all its modes (though that didn't stop the rest of the internet) but he still has plenty to say about the offline experience. But that's not all, Neal has been busy! He's also been playing Bugsnax in its new Switch form, along with Parkasaurus. John meanwhile needs to correct some commentors on his Star Wars: The Force Unleashed review who he feels wildly misunderstand the relationship between Anakin and Palpatine, which leads into a mild Star Wars tangent. The fellas cover a couple of recent news stories including Splatoon 3's release date and the Mario movie's delay before digging into some listener mail.

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Re: Episode 320: Absolute Confidence in Nintendo and the Internet
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I can't speak to when Force Unleashed takes place, but Vader has decided to overthrow the Emperor before Return of the Jedi.  In Empire Strikes Back, he asks Luke to help him overthrow the Emperor ("Join me, and we'll rule the galaxy as father and son.")

My favorite explanation is the turn happens somewhere between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back.  Vader ends A New Hope wondering who this Force-sensitive Rebel pilot is ("The Force is strong with this one."). Vader begins ESB knowing that Rebel pilot was his son, and he's decided he's going to recruit Luke to his side. 

The recent Marvel comics show the moment Vader discovers the Rebel pilot is a kid named Skywalker from Tatooine, and he realizes the Emperor lied to him about his son being dead. And that creates the seed to kill the Emperor.