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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 5.

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--- Quote from: Order.RSS on November 27, 2021, 09:15:41 AM ---
* NWR_Insanolord: voted against Bungle, and joined the MASB vote at my request. Had MASB been Mafia, that would have cemented him as Townie, as it would have pushed MASB past the 2-vote threshold the Mafia can't counter without outside help. With MASB turning out Townie, it suddenly looks like a Mafia bandwagon vote. I can think of no excuses for him to be Townie at this point, unlike the Luigi Dude Day 2 shenanigans. Have asked him point-blank why I shouldn't think he's Mafia and got no reply, despite him being online at the time. At this point I think the absence story is a ruse. Prime Mafia suspect.
--- End quote ---

First of all, I leave Discord open all the time and never change my status, so it always says I'm online. It was 3 a.m. when you sent that message last night and I was in bed. I may have signed into the forums at some point in there to kill a spambot since we get a billion of those, but I wasn't paying attention to the game at that point.

Second, I was following your lead this whole time. You're the one who was pushing MASB as a target, and I went along with that because you made a decent case for it and I had nothing else to go on. I don't see how you're trying to throw me under the bus for a bandwagon you started.

That's a fair response, yeah.
Like I wrote in the first sentence in that section, your willingness to go along on the vote would be an immediate Townie confirmation imo, had the outcome been different.
Likewise on the Bungle vote, at least 2 out of 4 votes on him were Townies. No reason it couldn't be 3, or even all 4 with our luck.

So let's assume you are a Townie, and I'm wrong on you, just like with MASB. What's your read on Wah and Luigi Dude?

It's hard to get a read on them, especially Wah. They could be mafia members trying to lie low, or they could just be busy like I've been and not able to be very active. Wah with the time difference could have trouble staying involved, but then again he's been pretty active in mafia games before.

Obviously I also lean Wah. For L.D. i can think of a very flimsy defense as written in the essay above, but that's all i can think of with him.

That one shred of potential explanation is why I have him listed as suspicious rather than you, since you have more votes to work with (1 against Bungle and the MASB vote I asked you to make).

I don't like falling into the trap of suspecting spotty records over non-existent ones, because it rewards non-participation in a game where Townies communicate their role through building a sequence of votes.

My record looks bad, but I voted for Bungle in self-defense. Who knows where this game is right now if he hadn't voted for me and forced me to do that.


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