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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 4.

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Nickmitch's reasoning sounds logical and I trust Tophatant's voting record.


Howdy fellow Shady Villagers! Forgive me for not posting a rebuttal earlier. Thanksgiving and all. With great assistance from Order.RSS (Steefosaurus), I think I can submit a persuasive argument about who are the two Mafia members.

Let's establish the players. Five people voted against MKBungle: lolmonade, myself, ThePerm, insanolord and stevey. We know lolmonade was an innocent townie plowing his fields before being struck down by Mafia Town's worst denizens. That leaves four left, three of which are most likely mafia. We know stevy was the Mafia's falling leaves. That just leaves me, ThePerm and insanolord.

To explain my vote: If you look at my post voting for MKBungle, you'll see an edit before Year end. I thought ThePerm still had his vote on MKBungle, so I edited to unvote. Since I couldn't decide between MKBungle and stevey, my intention was to have a tie. To paraphrase what Mop it up said to me (when I was trying to contact ThePerm on Discord to see how sure he was about his detective info), when in doubt, go for chaos. But then I saw that ThePerm had unvoted, thus no tie. So I edited again to keep the vote tied.

But wait, you ask: "Didn't ThePerm unvote MKBungle? He couldn't be Mafia!"

From Order.RSS: "This stood out to me. First Perm looks to be covering for Stevey here, then nobody posts until right at the deadline when - shocker - Stevey himself swoops in at the last minute.

Note the post has cover for Insanolord too, while he claims to be in contact with the Detective (Bungle - Perm even removes his vote against Bungle). Who did Bungle vote? Insanolord."


We know MKBungle was the detective. So it wasn't MK that did the contacting. What's more, ThePerm just unvoted. He didn't change his vote to a new target. The target the detective themselves chose!

I have no powers, so I can't "prove" everything. But my contention, which I think is most likely to be true, is that insanolord is defintely Mafia and ThePerm is a close second. Which one is the Godfather of the Salted Earth and which is his corn-trampling Goon, I have no idea. Doesn't really matter.

I strongly suggest we unvote insanolord and that the vigilante, who struck so true with stevey, take another shot, this time at ThePerm and end Mafia Town once and for all! May Shady Village take its place forevermore!


--- Quote from: nickmitch on November 25, 2021, 04:42:07 PM ---But on two investigations, we can’t be too sure.
--- End quote ---

Bungle could investigate at any time, so he could have investigated three times.

Current Tally:

MASB - 4
NWR_insanolord - 1

5 votes cast out of a possible 8.
About 12 hours and 45 minutes left to vote in Year 4.


--- Quote from: MASB on November 25, 2021, 09:58:20 PM ---To paraphrase what Mop it up said to me (when I was trying to contact ThePerm on Discord to see how sure he was about his detective info), when in doubt, go for Chaos.
--- End quote ---

Such sage advice from a seasoned Mafia veteran, and yet you put your trust in Order.



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