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NBA Thread: Brought To You By The Tampa Bay Raptors Of Toronto

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Curry is hurt.... :(
minor dislocation or something of the left shoulder. 2 weeks out. So he gonna miss the much hyped Xmas Game v the Grizz

it's a shame, because The Grizz are rolling and Ja is usually very fun to watch.

speaking of which.... anybody checking out the NBA Ref Snitch account on youtube? pointing out all the missed travels and carries of individual players. Some of them so blatant and repetitive, it really is terrible to see everyone continually get away with it 98% of the time. Ja was one of a few  really bad offenders in this area from recent videos released..

With Steph injured, it's time for everyone, especially Jordan Poole, to become ROAD WARRIORS and start picking up the slack. Maybe Wiseman gets an early chance to prove he's made advancements in the G league that translate to NBA playtime.

I'm just hoping this next stretch of losses doesn't push us too far down to still make the play-in or better.... The West still isn't won, and no one has run away with anything just yet.

We likely to write this next stretch a loss (2w/4L).... hoping we get Steph back 12/30 v Portland, because Steph loves to play Dame.


--- Quote from: BlackNMild2k1 on November 17, 2022, 12:40:29 AM ---Klay is a shell of his former self
--- End quote ---
Just really glad you were wrong about this.

I normally don't like unsportsmanlike conduct, but this is my favorite thing that's happened this season so far: Klay Thompson taunts Dillon Brooks while he's on the ground after hitting a shot.

Dillon started it last season. If you're going to run your mouth, be prepared when **** like this happens.

I'm glad I was wrong about it too.

Now if I can just be wrong about Jordan Poole.... we can have a decent squad at home and on the road. The last 3 loses were all unfortunate, and we realistically could have and should have won them all.

Well I am beyond heated about the calls at the end of the game and throughout the Mavs vs Lakers game.

Troy Brown Jr was clearly hit on the hand but their BS report is that Troy's shot was blocked and there was a follow through for a high 5 and that follow through high 5 is allowed.  What nonsense is that??   Argh!!!!

That screw up caused the Lakers to prevent them from leap frogging up to 10th in a 3 way tie and now we are below the Thunder who is probably upset about the call since it affects the Wemby chances.

There's plenty of season to tank left. I'm sure the Thunder will be fine 😉


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