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Hockey Discussion: The Leafs Would Like To Borrow Taylor Hall's Horseshoe

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This is a thread about hockey, primarily the NHL, but any league or level is welcome.

We're about 16 games into the NHL season; how are everyone's teams doing?

My Flyers started off rocky, but they've been on a roll lately, winning 7 of their last 8 (and the 8th was an OT loss to the league-leading Capitals) and are currently winning 5-1 tonight against Florida. This rookie goalie they've got, Sergei Bobrovsky, is playing out of his mind, and in addition to that they're putting up tons of goals (13 in the last 5 periods). It took a shootout win on the last day of the season to make the playoffs last year; it doesn't look like it'll be that dramatic this year.

TJ Spyke:
I really tend to only follow my local hockey team, the Rochester Americans (who everyone calls the Amerks, they play in the AHL and are the farm team of the Florida Panthers). They are not doing that well as they are in second to last place in their division.

Ian Sane:
This year the Canucks were getting serious pre-season Stanley Cup contender hype.  Now every team has the delusional fans that think that EVERY year is OUR year, but this was different as it was "experts" who don't really follow Western teams as much talking about it.  That's very strange as we never really face those sorts of expectations.  I honestly can't let myself get into that kind of thinking.  Something always screws things up, that's just how it is.  The Canucks winning the Stanley Cup would be very surreal.  In my mind it seems purely hypothetical, I don't assume it will ever happen.

So far we've played quite well.  I really enjoyed the game against the Leafs on Saturday night.  The two teams don't face each other very much and the games always feel like an event.  There are a lot of Toronto fans here in Vancouver from the original six days where the Maple Leafs were the de facto team of English Canada.  So there's a good rivalry there.  I always figured it was one-sided where Canucks fans hate the Leafs but Leafs fans don't pay any attention to the Canucks.  But Saturday's game was in Toronto and there were a lot of Vancouver fans there and the announcers were hyping up the rivalry.  So this is a full-on rivalry now?

One bad thing about the Canucks' success is that I'm getting creamed in my office hockey pool by guys with the Sedins and Luongo.  I don't have any Canucks so as they do well my pool does poorly.  If I had to pick one I would rather the team do well over my hockey pool, but it would be nice to have both.

The Sharks are finally starting to play like we expected.  That Thornton suspension was a load of BS since he just stood there and the smaller guy ran into him and couldn't take it.  Our defence is a little suspect but they are starting to become more consistant.  Look for Torri Mitchel this year.  You haven't heard much about him in the past since he was out with leg injuries, but he is skating well this year and the puck is finding him.  He may end up in the 15-20 goal range which is good for a 3rd liner.

In other hockey news, my roller hockey team is 1-2 so far, and last game we got smoked.  Hopefully we can pull a W tonight.

Tough time in Sharks land.  Lost 3 in a row blowing 2, 2 goal leads in the third to lose in OT.  I hate the 3 point games but I guess it was a bit of a saving grace this time.  What do you guys think they should do with the OT system, go back to ties instead of the shootout system? 

Looks like philly is doing well over in the east.  They are my favorite east coast team, but that game against the lightning, what was up with that.  Can Stamkos be stopped? 

Well I'm going to the game on Wed against Chi.  Hope it will be a good one.  We need the win so hopefully they come out and play a strong game like they did against the kings.


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