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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion. Day 5 - The East Wing Upstairs Bathroom

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I suppose counting interest I owe 3 Luigidude votes. If only there were some way I could create an additional two Luigidude votes. Oh wait, I can.

Now don't everyone talk in here at once. I can barely hear myself think.

I am just really down about the results and what is the best option to do at this point.

Vote record for Rabicle

Day 1.  A NO VOTE, Day 2 no actual vote, Day 3 pokepal,  Day 4 talks about how the rise in shadow game of PMs have upped the ante.

Players involved in the Day 1 NOVOTE in order.  The Perm, Nickmitch,  Rabicle,  Order.RSS, pokepal, BeautifulShy

On Day 1 it can be easy to blend in on a started bandwagon vote.   Perm started the NO Vote and he was Gooigi, Nickmitch a townie, Rabicle unknown, Order.RSS was a normal townie, Pokepal is pretty much a confirmed as the vote manipulator at this point and I know who I am.

Day two there was no votes or activity on any part of the forum in regards to posts.   Why were you hiding? Funnily enough there was no hit on Night two.

Day 3. Voting for Pokepal for starting a bandwagon.  Seemed like you wanted to try and hop on one as well at the last minute.   

Day 4 no vote of any sort. Just a mention of PMs being more active.  No vote on either Crimm or stevey.  Which is odd because one of them would of been options.  Not voting for stevey( Townie role)  because you likely know he wasn't in the mafia and not voting for Crimm because he very well could be in the Mafia.

With all that being said here is my vote towards you today. 

Vote Rabicle

Mop it up:
Oof, that was bad. Well, so far pokepal148's reckless judgment hasn't worked out, but BeautifulShy makes a good point.

Vote RABicle


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