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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion. Day 5 - The East Wing Upstairs Bathroom

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Let's get this thing tied up to draw some more activity
vote Rabicle

It's been a horrible night

Had a look over the threads and Pokepal is (almost certainly) the vote manipulator and without the doctor they are in perilous danger, so I see no reason not to trust them. The evidence provided for the Rabicle vote is shaky at best.

Vote Luigidude

I think there is 4 hours left in the day.

Vote RABacle because I don't have any better theories

Well, hope you enjoyed your weekend and made the vote you wanted to make. Let's see what you decided to do:

Final Tally

RABicle - 6 votes
Luigi Dude - 2 votes

Wait 8 votes? Amazingly, it turns out that RABicle and ShyGuy also voted RABicle as well. And here you thought they were being quiet....

And yes, the Majority Vote of 6 was reached but it would have only ended the day 90 minutes earlier so I let it continue on to its deadline in this case just to keep the time pattern on track. We'll call it Host's Privilege.

And now we turn to the Night Action phase. You have 12 hours from the time stamp of this post to send in your actions for those that can do so.


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