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Mafia LXXXVI: Luigi's Mafia Mansion. Day 3 - The Library

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MASB (ghost/regular townie) Killed by Luigi

That is all.

Now some of you may be confused. Wasn't MASB killed by the vote? Well, it might have looked that way but Vincent Van Gore helped step in and paint some protection for MASB to save him from the vote. Unfortunately, although saved from the day vote, he was still vulnerable at night and taken out by Luigi.

MASB had the Ice Elemental Medal adding that to Luigi's arsenal.

I've thought about this and I see no reason not to make the information of what has been changed in a vote public. It will also allow players to know if I've made a tally mistake. For Day 1, it was Luigi Dude's vote of Mop it up that was changed to BeautifulShy creating the change in Final Tally votes. There was nothing to note differently for Day 2.

Day 3 Voting time: Day 3 will be open 46 hours. The deadline for the vote is 11 PM EST Oct. 12 aka 8 PM PST Oct. 12 aka 11 AM Perth Time Oct. 13 if no Majority Vote is reached.

Majority Vote: With 15 players left in the game, the number of total votes needed to achieve a majority on a target is 8.

I believe that's everything I need to cover right now so the game is now back on!

Not really what I was expecting but it makes sense in retrospect.

Going to look at votes and see what comes up.

Well ****. And I was already second guessing my other major sus so I've got nothing.

Somebody tell me what's happening


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