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Mafia XXXI: It's Official. It's a reset.

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Well, it's official. It's a reset.

But rather than the restart the game right away, I'm going to shelve it for a moment.

The game will restart on Monday Feb. 16. There are various circumstances behind this decision.

As soon as the game started, two players suddenly found themselves faced with circumstances that made them unsure if they would even be able to participate. Then, during the night, Dasmos, said he had to drop out.

Therefore, by moving it back another week, it may allow these ones to participate for the reset. As well, it may allow a few others to still join up. Hello Decoyman.

Also, by giving it sometime, it will hopefully help people forget what their roles and situations in this game and start fresher.

So, if Pale wants to move the sign-up thread back to the Funhouse, go ahead. If he wants to leave it here, that's fine also.

So, hit the showers mafia players and we'll see what develops by Sunday.

May Mr. Resetti have mercy on our souls.

Yes! We get to start anew!I'm going to delete all of my PMs pertaining to this game.I have to ask Khushrenada. Has a reset ever happened before?

I'll leave it here.

I'm kind of bummed though as I'm in Florida on vacation next week.  I'll still play but I won't be near as active.

I didn't ask for a Reset because there isn't one in Animal Crossing- it's about taking the good with the bad and all that other stuff Resetti gets on about. I'll see everyone next week :)

I voted for a reset, but I was really torn about it. 

I finally decided that with some people PMing me to ask for a reset, I didn't want the politics of that choice entering into the game.  In other words, I don't want to make in-game enemies because of an out-of-game decision.


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