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Mafia XXXI: Phony Day 1.

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Spank the bomber in 5, 4, 3, 2, .....


The Villagers all met outside the post office to figure what to do about the rampant problems facing their humble abode. It was a large gathering and people were cramped for room as they listened to various suggestions. "Hey, stop hitting me with your tail, Spak-Spang!," yelled one of the townfolk.  The crowd abruptly became silent.  "Hey, wait a second, that's a RACCOON tail!  He's Tom Nook!"  A pileup formed in the middle of the crowd, but being as oily as he was Spak-Spang easily squirmed out of it, making a break for the door. 

A little ways away, Mayor Khushrenada was taking his time to get to the meeting. He had spent too much time at The Roost and found it hard to walk in a straight line. Spak-Spang passed him, looked back and yelled, "Hahaha, you'll never catch me alive!"  He noticed Mayor Khushrenada pointing past him, so he quickly turned his head back forward just in time to see himself run smack into a tree.  "Ack, that smarts...Wait a second, what's that sound?"  He looked up just as a bee hive landed on his head.  The townfolk had by now made their way outside just in time to see Spak-Spang running around wildly with the bee hive stuck on his head.  K.K. Slider spoke up:  "Shouldn't we go do something about that?"  Mayor Khushrenada replied, "There's no point, he's allergic to bees anyway..."  The townfolk looked onward as the godfather of the Crooked 'Coons soon fell and gave his final death spasms...


Final tally:

Spak-Spang - 3 votes
Easycure - 2 votes

Glad to see you could make it Ian but I'm afraid your vote was .5 seconds too late and discounted. Just a tad faster tomorrow.

Night actions are due by 9 AM Eastern Time.

In addition, if you think too many things got botched and want a re-set of the game, you must send me a pm saying "Yes to reset." If 11 players ask for the re-set by that time, it is a majority and the game will start over tomorrow.

So, I guess we'll see what will happen. Will tomorrow's thread be Day 2 or will it be Day 1 again?


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