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RetroActive 51: Kirby and the Rainbow Curse

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We're doing our 51st RetroActive on the Wii U for Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, part of a LIVE Episode 800. If you want to hear how we settled on that, check out Episode 796.

Comments posted here may be used in the relevant episode. We'll be live on Dec. 10.

I started the game yesterday in my almost 8 hours long Wii U anniversary stream. The first hour is playing Kirby.

Im really liking it so far. I never bought it originally because I didnt like Canvas Curse the one time I played it a long time ago.

It has great music, like this track https://youtu.be/Z5wwtNsdGyA

Im more than halfway through the game and I didnt know how to erase lines until now

Halfway through. The biggest frustration is my wife keeps telling me how good it looks on the TV screen but my eyes are firmly on the Gamepad. The eternal struggle.


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