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Bayonetta 3 - gameplay impressions

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Have been playing the game for few hours now.

I only have 2 demon and 2 weapons so far and lots of stuff still to unlock and learn, but it still feels like Bayonetta.

New homunculi enemies feel weird at first -- have to get accustomed to new timings and attack cues, so small archers managed to hit me more often than big guys because how subtle their tells are.

Lock-on moved to R3 (MGR style) changes surprisingle little. Commands for tetsuzanko and Stiletto are still the same. R1 bumper does the same thing -- it was just decoupled from manual lock-on and renamed "Stance change".

Demon slaves feel way too slow, but at least you can summon them for one move, buffer one move and turn yourself back to normal, so both you and demon attack at the same time.

Some Bayonetta players noticed that time requirements on verses are very short, which means you might very well be required to use demons for high DPS or else you're not gonna make it on time for Pure Platinum. That's disappointing but maybe there will be more hard hitting options further in the campaign.

Pure Platinuming the game feels really hard, still can't get used to new attacks. At least Bayonetta 3 has finally allowed players to select any verse and the result saves over -- so you don't have to Pure Platinum the entire chapter, nice QoL feature.

I think i unlocked the DPS feature i was looking forward, it's demonic parry (Assault Slave) and demonic combo finisher (Wink Slave) -- both are huge AoE that stop and deflect any enemies' attacks.

The more i play -- the more i notice how "weak" auto lock-on has become. In previous game lock-on would never move if held punch/kick/gun buttons, but in 3 it is too eager to change targets if you move the stick even a little bit.

Started playing with Viola now. Trying to adjust to her makes my brain melt.

Her combat options being somehwat simplified (and her story arc so far) reminds me of how Nero was introduced in DMC4 -- a spunky younger character with potential to take over the series. Usually series does that when creative team series went in too deep and create soft reboot with "simpler" controlled character.

B3 is a huge game with most of the stuff having nothing to do with combat. A list of custom achievements for each chapter, collectibles unlocking side-chapters, side-chapters also have their own achievements.

The areas are HUGE, almost Xenoblade-sized. Some of the platforming challenges are harder than combat verses even. Viola having somewhat wonky jumping mechanics doesn't help too.

Gameplay styles is so varied, first playthrough really feels like WarioWare with barrage of random minigames. They never last more than few minutes and are very fun for how random they are but it's gotta be a nightmare to pure platinum them.

As if pure platinum wasn't already impossible enough with 30-45 seconds verse completion requirement...

It also feels like Platinum games really went out with weapons, complete insanity. They all kinda control the same -- stinger input, launcher input, 360 input, but the timings and animations and effects are very different. Just when i started to get the basics of default guns -- they throw 10+ weapons and demons at me, it is overwhelming.

Finished the game and man -- rushed ending kinda sours otherwise fantastic fanservice-filled playthrough...

But the stuff you unlock by the end -- oh man... Feels like all the fun weapon are concentrated right at the end -- and beyond even...


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