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Bayonetta 3 - Obligatory "Nintendo's Witch" Subject Edit

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I need this. Its probably going to be a long wait though

Darn good get. Also, nice to see Platinum having a project lined up after Scalebound fell through.

Pity I bought the dual pack on Wii U, I'd much rather have all three on Switch. It is still sitting unopened on my shelf, so maybe I can sell for a profit to fund getting all three on Switch. Hopefully we get physical versions of 1 & 2.

BranDonk Kong:
Exchange it for store credit at Walmart or something...if yours still sells Wii U games.

Time to finally dust this thread off

First Look at Bayonetta 3 Gameplay - Nintendo Switch

Yep, looks like Bayonetta which is exactly what I want.

Recasting Bayonetta is some darkest timeline ****. Helena Taylor is Bayonetta, you cowards.


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